Exhibit Management

Tradeshow pre-planning, paperwork and logistics can be an enormous headache. Let Evo Exhibits manage your trade shows and exhibits for you. We offer the full range of Exhibit Management Services including:

  • Evo Web Exhibit Management by ExhibitForce™: 

  • A real-time inventory of your exhibit materials, online order fulfillment, confirmations, and much more.
  • evoPM Cloud-Based Project Management: 

  • Your shows are facilitated by a Key Account Coordinator, who manages your orders from ExhibitForce™ through Evo Exhibit’s Project Management System.
  • Show Services Management: 

  • Let us manage your trade show paperwork and deadlines. We can pre-pay your trade show services bills. Thus, allowing you a single invoice for each trade show.
  • Worldwide Transportation Coordination: 

  • Need one booth in Las Vegas and another in London? We can manage all of your shipping needs.
  • Pre-Show Exhibit Evaluation and Maintenance: 

  • Reduce your anxiety and arrive at your show with fewer surprises. Whether it’s a banner stand or full island, our teams will fully stage your exhibit prior to shipping and allow you to remotely view via secure client login the pre-show processes.
  • Post Show Exhibit Evaluation and Maintenance: 

  • Never arrive at a trade show with a faulty exhibit again! Before your exhibit goes back into storage, Evo Exhibits can provide a complete exhibit return inspection and repair services.

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