Portable Displays and Accessories are Flexible!

Reasons to exhibit are determined by your business and the markets you serve. It’s a challenge to meet both large and small trade show program needs. Check out some options below to complement your program!

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Need an on-the-go solution?

Banner stands, flooring, lighting and supplemental workstations add to your program. Often, they are some of the most flexible and nimble solutions for exhibitors setting up on the trade show floor.

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The Fabric Pop-up has become very popular with exhibitors: portable, attractive, fast set-up, and even faster breakdown all combine for a great show experience. Light weight, tool-less, and now available with back-lighting options.

Banner Stands

Banner Stands are a must-have item for trade shows, recruiting, retail, events, and more! Add a stand to update your existing display or combine multiple units to create a dramatic backwall

Table Top

Table Tops are designed to get you noticed on the go! Select from several styles, price points and features. These light weight fabric display install without tools, and are flexible to update your branding message.

Table Throw

Table Throws seem so simple. We offer only the best materials: premium twills, vinyl perma logos, and dye sublimation. Our trained artisans craft the highest quality seams and hems, and the throws are washable and fade resistant.


Innovative Counters have become indispensable to trade show displays. It’s hard to imagine a booth without a shelf, reception counter, or locking storage. Smart trade show designs incorporates these practical counters for functional uses.


Transform your marketing message into an engaging, interactive presentation with innovative Workstations, Monitor Stands, or Kiosks. Our trade show designs are stylish and indispensable additions to any exhibit.

Hanging Sign

Evo's tension fabric Hanging Signs are designed to be beautiful, adaptable, and recognizable at any trade show, convention, or special event. Choose from several stock structures -- rounds, squares, pinwheels, rectangles, and triangles -- or design a custom shape that communicates your unique message.


Select from a wide variety of flooring applications to fit any application, style or budget. Choose from high quality yet economical rental carpet selections, popular vinyl wood grain roll-able flooring for inspiring looks, to custom raised flooring for a dramatic environment.


The placement, type, and quality of lights selected for use in connection with any space is a key element in creating an inviting atmosphere. The choices are almost limitless.