A Nimble Solution to Maximize Your Budget

Anticipating exhibiting needs for years to come is a challenge.  Rental exhibits can be a simple and cost effective way to configure your booth for different shows throughout the year. 

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Thinking about renting a modular solution?

Modular rental solutions can utilize lighter, reusable materials with greater versatility for lighting, mounting and plumbing.

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Small exhibits can still pack a big punch and get you noticed on the show floor! See the latest in design and features of these 10x10 rentals, sortable by difficulty of assembly with no-tools, one tool, or labor required.


Our vast gallery of 10x20 rental displays showcase high-end designs at 1/3 of the cost of purchasing a display. Using the latest in design features, these 20' inline rental displays will command attention on the show floor.

Larger Inline

These linear giants are larger then 200 sq. ft, providing a bigger floor plan to showcase your brand. Draw attention to your space using the latest in exhibit rental systems.


There's nothing subtle about a rental 20x20 island exhibit when designed right. Our creative designers maximize the use of 400 sq. ft to each edge and branding above. An island gives you the freedom to create presentation areas, meeting rooms, casual lounges, and multiple workstations. Many re-configure to 10 x 10 and 10 x 20 displays for more versatility.


With 600 sq. ft. of exhibit space, these sleek rental exhibits will provide a lasting impression. Using the latest in design features, our exhibits will look like a brand new customized exhibit. Our creative team blends the latest in modular systems with custom components for a fresh new look.

Larger Islands

Exhibits greater then 20x30 are the big daddy's of the show hall. Our designs blend the use of cost effective modular systems, and custom components of cabinetry and laminates to provide you with a truly one of a kind exhibit.

Double Decks

Our decks are designed specifically for trade shows by our engineers to lower labor and freights costs with lighter components and less parts. Our smart deck systems are fully modular and are compatible with walls systems and accessories, and can be customized.


Our rental inventory of counters and pedestals has the latest in design features. Several shapes and sizes are available in modular and custom cabinets.


Design meets functionality with our rental workstations and kiosks. Whether your looking for product shelving, a/v, or graphic branding, we'll be sure to make a lasting impression.

Hanging Signs

Get noticed from afar with our rental hanging structures. Select from a vast gallery of different shapes and sizes that compliment your exhibit space from above.

Audio Video

We offer the latest in new technology and decor, all high definition 1080p monitors with the brightest and most vivid screens. Select from screens of all sizes to video walls, to turn-key installs at showsite.


Our plush carpets come in a wide range of colors to rent, available with comfortable padding and protective visqueen. Don't see a color that works for you? Contact us for even a wider assortment of custom colors.


Select from an impressive gallery of rental furniture we are proud to offer. With our rental depots in Chicago and Las Vegas, we are able to provide you with a fresh look and great value from coast to coast.