Design & Engineering

Effective exhibit design is crucial to maximizing your trade show investment. Your customers are bombarded by messages at every trade show; how are you going to make sure that your message stands out?

For every design project, we go through a detailed process starting with the Discover phase, during which we meet with you and your team to outline your goals, needs and parameters. During the Evaluate phase, we look into what you have done in the past as well as what other key players are doing, and then explore the options of how we can do it better. Then we Design. If needed, we Adjust. Finally, we Execute the chosen design.

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To ensure your success, Evo Exhibits bring designers into every stage of the exhibit development process. For larger projects, we also utilize engineers and detailers to make sure that we are maximizing the impact and effectiveness of your exhibit.

Key elements that we consider when designing any trade show exhibit include the following:

  • Exhibit Layout:

     In any successful exhibit, defining how the booth will be used (both by exhibiting staff and customers) is a critical first step. We work with you and explore exhibit layout options, then refine and re-refine until an ideal layout is achieved.
  • Exhibit Graphics Design:

    At a tradeshow, you have seconds to capture the interest of prospects. Our graphic designers understand what makes an impact on customers, and they use this knowledge to your benefit.
  • Brand Integration:

    Keeping a consistent look and feel across all of your marketing materials is vital. Our designers are experts at making sure that your exhibit design is integrated with your brand identity and existing marketing collateral.
  • Messaging:

    What do you want your customers to see first? What next? Where do the product features and specs go? Hierarchy of messaging is vital to ensuring that your customers find the information that you want them to see.
  • Technology Incorporation:

    Anyone can bolt a large LCD screen on the side of an exhibit, but at Evo Exhibits, we strive to ensure that all media and technology is intelligently incorporated into your exhibit. Using touch screens, presentation areas, and other technology, we can turn your booth into an interactive experience for your customers.
  • Lighting:

    Often overlooked, lighting can play an important role in the booth the functionality and personality of your exhibit. Where appropriate, we integrate LED lighting for reductions in heat and energy consumption, as well as space savings, programmability, and light concentration.

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