• LED inset panel on Reception Desk
  • Vinyl wall graphic
  • Usage around the World
  • Product Gallery Detail
  • Touchscreen Kiosk
  • Custom Touchscreen Kiosk
  • Wall mounted product display area
  • Wide-view of Showroom
  • Reverse view of Reception
  • Close up of Monitor Wall & Touchscreen Kiosk
  • Rittal history wall
Rittal Showroom
  • Custom Digital Touchscreen Kiosks
  • Large-format Interchangeable Wall Graphics
  • Audio-Visual wall mounts
  • LED specialty lighting
  • ADA Compliance
  • Custom Vinyl Wall Product Displays  
  • Hidden wire raceways
  • 3D Low Profile Reverse Printed Logo
  • Space Planning for full wood construction panels
  • Reconfigurable Design

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Showroom / Lobbies

Evo has custom designed this in-house showroom for Rittal, an international hi-tech manufacturer. Our fabrication included custom low-profile product wall mounts, LED inset lighting for the reception counter, vinyl displays, modular displays and custom touchscreen kiosks. This showroom exudes modern elegance while also functioning as conference space, product education center, and industry differentiator.  

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