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It’s hard to get noticed at trade shows, so you invested in a 10×10 booth hoping it will be big enough to attract some attention. Luckily, it doesn’t really matter what size space you go for. As long as you deck it out properly, people will flock to your display in droves.

Here’s how to get the most out of your 10×10 trade show exhibit.

Invest in a Main Attraction

Your 10×10 trade show exhibit will be relatively small, so why not put that extra cash into something “big”? Companies make the mistake of thinking their brand on its own is good enough to attract attention. Your CEO would like to think so, but in the trade show arena, it’s not that simple. You need something big and bold to draw people in, aside from your sales pitch. You need to make your booth pop with a big attraction. Android fitted their booth with a tube slide (not easy in a smaller booth, but you need to think BIG), Vita-Coco employed a Volkswagen van from the 70’s, and Photo-Love covered its walls with book pages. Any of these quirky elements can be the draw that inspires a prospect to visit your booth. They create great opportunities for fun photo moments. Who wouldn’t want a picture in front of a 1972 lime green Volkswagen van? Invest in one thing that really makes your booth special and you won’t have to worry about getting lost in the crowd.

Create Photo Opportunities

Since your space is relatively small, it would be a good idea to create some novel opportunities for your prospects to flash their cameras. EVERYONE is going to have their phone on them, so take advantage by creating fun photo-ops. Set up a unique background or have costumes and props for people to wear for their picture. If your brand allows for it, hire a character to stand around all day and take pictures with people. If you’re a fitness company, hire a body builder. If you’re a gaming company, hire a professional cosplayer. Have a rep take the pictures with a phone or iPad and get your prospects to input their email address to receive the photo digitally. You’ll end up with a huge list of potential business partners plus a ton of foot traffic around your booth. Other ways to take advantage of our current snap-happy selfie culture is to create a fun frame that represents your brand. Set it up at your booth so prospects feel free to take pictures with their heads popping out of the frame. It’s free advertising and the fun photo opportunity will draw people in.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Everyone wants to be seen these days. Twitter, Facebook and SnapChat are taking over the internet which is why you’d be crazy not to incorporate some sort of social media element into your trade show booth. One way to drum up some excitement is to host a Facebook Live event directly from your booth. Ask guests if they’d be interested in being featured in the live cast. It’s rare that anyone would turn down the opportunity to promote themselves or their company on the internet. Encourage them to share their social media information on the cast and maybe ask them what they know about your brand/company. They’ll feel like a celebrity and you’ll make connections all that more easily. Be sure to have your company’s Twitter and Instagram handle in clear view so that people know where to find you. Also, make sure to use any hashtags generated by the trade show itself during the event. It’s also a good idea to re-tweet and re-post from the trade show’s social media accounts so prospects can get exposed to you even before they step foot into the arena.

Don’t Close Yourself Off

Regardless of your 10×10 trade show exhibit cost, the design should always be welcoming. Some companies make the mistake of setting up a kiosk and placing a table or bench right in front of their booth, subconsciously telling prospects “we are separate from you.” Incorporate your booth into the flow of the trade show. Try to keep your floor flush with the trade show floor and try not to clutter the entrance of your booth with too much “stuff.” People should feel comfortable walking right in without feeling like you’re the vendor and they’re the customer. At Evo Exhibits, we understand the importance of connecting with trade show attendees. Let our industry experts help design the perfect layout for your next trade show booth!

Give Away Some Hot Swag

Invest in some swag that will set your company apart from the rest. Stick with merchandise that’s convenient and unique. Items like micro-fiber cloths, smart phone wallets, and pop-sockets are all great options. Other ideas are a pair of funky socks or a custom water bottle. These are all items that the prospect will use either at the trade show itself or at home. Another option is to have sparkling wine or some sort of beverage on offer. That alone will be a huge draw!

Invest in Good-Quality Lighting

Trade shows can be overwhelmingly bright, not to mention the hustle and bustle of people milling around. Make your booth a beacon of hospitality by investing in some simple lamps or mood lighting. You don’t want your brand to be drowned out by the harsh fluorescent lighting, do you? Take advantage of your low 10×10 trade show exhibit cost and bring in some nice, soft lighting. Prospects will take note of the warm, friendly atmosphere and make their way over for some R&R. You’d be surprise how much of a different a few non-fluorescent bulbs can make!

Be Bold

Trade shows aren’t the time to be modest. Your 10×10 trade show exhibit cost is low, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the same draw as the bigger, more expensive spaces. Use color, shape and design to your advantage. Employ a creative team that will push your brand to the limits. Pinnacle Wireless designed an entirely white showroom with glowing scale models, Facebook set up huge glass walls for their virtual reality booth, and Event Eleven brought in a pool as a centerpiece for their mid-century lounge. This is not the time to skimp on design. When you’re competing against the big-hitters, you need to either go bold, or go home. Contact us today to start brainstorming for your next event!




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