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So, you’ve decided to go for the big kahuna at this year’s trade show. A 30X30 trade show exhibit cost is more than enough space to make a statement; people will be drawn to your booth based on the size alone.

Here are 12 ways to get even more value out of your 30X30 exhibit booth:

Build Up Excitement on Social Media

Since your 30X30 trade show exhibit cost will be relatively high, you need some easy, effective, and cheap tactics to take your booth experience to the next level. Social media has never been more influential, and it’d be highly beneficial to engage in it pre-show. You should be posting photos of your exhibit construction as well as updates on how many days are left until the show. Keep in mind that people who saw you at last year’s trade show will be following you and will probably be coming to this year’s trade show as well. You could even give your followers an incentive to visit your booth, such as awarding the first twenty booth visitors a prize.

Offer a Sitting Area

Trade show attendees will be on their feet all day, so you’d be wise to include some kind of lounge area at your large exhibit. It’s best keep trade show furniture rentals in mind during the design phase of the project. The furniture you choose should be comfortable, match the theme of the booth, and suit the overall feel of your brand. Have some pamphlets or reading material nearby and maybe some snacks and water bottles. It won’t add to your 30X30 trade show exhibit cost too much and will attract people in droves.

Have an Awesome Staff

If you really want your booth to shine, you must bring in people with shining personalities. Try to bring those who already work for the company, this way you’ll be guaranteed that they understand the brand’s products and services. If they’re new to the company, give them a training session and have them practice talking to each other about the company. The last thing you want is undertrained employees who negatively impact your company’s credibility. Have your staff wear the same outfit, and ensure they’re taken care of throughout the trade show by giving them breaks and providing lunch. Remember, you want your staff to be a glowing representation of your brand. They are the gateway between your booth and a potential partnership.

Use Guerrilla Marketing

The idea behind this type of marketing is that it has an element of surprise. It’s a bit like undercover advertising. When it comes to trade shows, there are countless opportunities to sneak your brand in unexpected places that are incredibly cheap and will not add significantly to your 30×30 trade show exhibit cost. Other examples include UNICEF, which decked out their own vending machine that dispenses “dirty water” to remind people that other places in the world don’t have access to clean drinking water. Your goal is to sneak your company’s logo into everyday scenes or objects. It’s a great, creative way to get your company’s message across.

Go Live

Everyone wants to be seen nowadays, so why not stream your trade show booth on Facebook Live? You could hook it up to a large screen that broadcasts what’s happening at your booth in real time. You could even have one of your staff members approach people from around the trade show and ask them if they want to give a shout out on Facebook Live for everyone to see! It’s an exciting addition to your booth that will cost next to nothing.

Employ a DJ

Hire a local DJ and pump out some tunes that align with your brand. Or if money is tight, you can also use a curated music app like Spotify to keep your overall 30X30 trade show exhibit cost minimal. You want to go with exciting music that’s highly recognizable. Make sure it’s not too loud and you shouldn’t have any problems from the other booths. It should be just loud enough so you only hear the music when you’re at the exhibit itself.

Hire a Food Truck

Food trucks are all the rage these days and you’ll find that most food truck companies will jump at the chance to partner with you and serve their fare at a bustling trade show. It won’t cost you very much, especially if you hatch a good deal with them. Be sure to showcase your branding and booth number around the truck. You can also get them to share your company on their social media page and vice versa.

Giveaway Something Unusual

Pens and mugs are fine and dandy, but honestly…who needs another pen? People don’t even write on paper anymore! Give out something cool that coincides with your brand. Things like rubix cubes, mittens, socks, or protein bars are much more creative and fun than something people will probably stash away in their office drawer and never use again. Tech accessories are hugely popular as well, and you’ll find that people will actually go out of their way to pick up something like that. Headphones, phone wallets, and phone stands are things people actually need and will actively seek out your booth to collect. Customized merchandise is a huge draw as well! A lighting company exhibiting at Lightfair, for example, engraved attendee’s names on glass lightbulbs and gave them away. This is a great, branded takeaway that will sit on desks for months or years to come.

Do Your Research

Make sure you know what the heavy hitters are up to before you make your own plans for your booth. Imagine showing up to the trade show and you have the exact same merchandise as another company? Nightmare! Do whatever you can to get the scoop on what everyone else is planning. You can get this information by researching the company’s social media account and gathering any data that would point towards their trade show plans.

Add Brand Credibility

If you’ve been featured on trusted websites or TV programs, include the logos of those companies in your booth design. These well-known businesses will make your business seem pretty swanky and will activate a sense of trust in anyone who visits your booth.

Hand Out Reusable Bags

Everyone needs a bag to put all their swag in, so why not give trade show attendees a bag with your logo on it? People will be grateful that they have something to carry their treasures around in. Here’s another tip…make sure your bag is huge. You’ll find that people will start putting their medium-sized bags into your big one.

Create a Big Attraction

Big, creative stunts will make sure your 30X30 trade show exhibit cost is well worth it. Bring in something that will make the attendees go “wow.” One company partnered with the local zoo and brought in two penguins. A huge crowd formed around their booth, not because of their brand or message, but because of the cute penguins!


With so many possibilities open for your 30×30 trade show exhibit, nothing beats the experience and expertise of a professional trade show partner helping you make the most of it! At Evo Exhibits, we believe in engaging our clients every step of the way, from pre-show Discovery to post-show Connections. Contact us today to make your next trade show experience unforgettable!




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