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Everyone likes top tip lists, so why not follow the crowd?
Well, that leads me to the 3rd most important trait you need in order to make it in trade show sales.

#3 Don’t follow the crowd! 
You need to stay on top of every technology, product and service there is to keep your clients, or soon to be clients, at the top of their trade show game. This includes asking the right questions to help you understand how to guide your client to the correct results. Follow the crowd and you’ll find yourself looking like every other presenter they see.

#2 Get a Swiss Army knife
No really, actually go get one. When you are on the show floor, or even sitting at your desk finalizing the deal, you need to be prepared for anything. You will be dealing with thousands (potentially hundreds of thousands) of dollars of your clients’ marketing budgets and they are going to expect the exhibit and event to be flawless.

#1 Be Honest

There are too many moving parts in the process to not be up-front with your client. One deception can catch up to you like a freight train. Be the expert, give them honest, expert advice, and set clear expectations.
If their budget doesn’t fit their wants, then help them see what they need. If there is an issue or delay, find the solution and let them in on it so they can be prepared. You want the client on your team.

#1/2 Crazy!
You have to be at least half-crazy to join trade show sales. It is a fast-paced, creative, high-maintenance, high-risk, high-reward ride that will leave you wanting more…but only if you love it.

If you are not passionate and find joy in your role helping to bring clients’ products to market, then this isn’t for you.

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