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Seattle – known for rainy days and the birth of Starbucks – has its fair share of yearly trade show events that are filled with hungry buyers. Come prepared with competitive products and services, and you’ll create a buzz around your trade show booth that will make competitors look on in envy. The benefits of going to a trade show include generating sales, improving brand awareness, networking with potential partners, and conducting competitor research.

We understand it can be a daunting task trying to execute a successful trade show visit if you’ve never done it before. Fortunately, Evo Exhibits can help with all aspects of the process, from initial goal-setting and design to final installation and dismantle.

See our list below of some of the biggest trade shows in Seattle:

Northwest Flower & Garden Show

Do you operate in the gardening or flowers industry and have excellent products to share? If so, then consider setting up a trade show booth at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. It’s hosted at the Washington Convention & Trade Center and is organized by O’Loughlin Trade Shows.

The event is known for beautifully created trade show booths that show off the creativity and style of the brand. It’s important to bring something unique with your booth to draw in crowds. People should be catching a glimpse of your booth from a distance and be intrigued enough to take a closer look.

A number of educational seminars will be provided to help hobbyists and professionals find out more about their industry. If you’re an industry expert, consider reaching out to the organizers to give your own presentation. This kind of exposure is extremely valuable and could help bring in more sales when it’s time to make your pitch.

At the event, be sure offer a variety of products. Flowers, plants, garden furniture, and gardening tools are just a few examples of what’s appropriate. To attract extra attention, bring something unique or interactive to stand out from the competition.

Aerospace & Defense Supplier Summit

The Aerospace & Defense Supplier Summit is a great opportunity for related business to secure new clients, increase brand awareness, and network with strategic business partners.

The event will be hosted at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center and the organizer is Advanced Business Events. It’s the 4th edition of the event and a number of industry experts will be attending to give presentations on the cutting edge technologies that will be leading the way in the future. Consider attending some of these events for yourself to figure out marketing opportunities moving forward.

850 companies from across the world will be attending with over 10,000 pre-arranged meetings. A trade show booth at this event presents a chance to convert highly-targeted buyers for potentially big orders. Come prepared with the right pitch that’s easy to digest, presents a competitive deal, and offers something unique.

Evo Exhibits can help reduce the burden of attending such an event by helping create a custom booth perfectly suited to your company and audience. Our track record and experience will come into play when it’s time to setup a highly competitive trade show booth.

Pacific Marin Expo

Do you operate in the marine industry and have amazing products to showcase? If so, then the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle is the perfect fit for your business. It runs in November at the CenturyLink Field Event Center and is organized by Diversified Exhibitions. Attending the event will be a mix of hobbyists and serious buyers that need equipment to get the job done. This high density of targeted buyers is one of the top reasons to attend. Unlike at a shopping mall, everyone here has come specifically for marine-based products.

In addition to buyers, this show is also a great place to meet potential business partners. The networking opportunities at a marine-focused event like this are vast and plentiful. Striking deals with partners is best done face-to-face and where better than at the biggest Seattle marine event of the year.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Seattle

One of the biggest health and fitness expos in Seattle is the Rock ‘N’ Roll event that draws in huge crowds looking for the latest products and services. The festivities of the event create a lot of hungry buyers that are genuinely interested in what’s new in the industry. Come prepared with a professional trade show booth that’s jammed packed with exciting products and you’ll shift a lot of units.

The event is hosted at the CenturyLink Field Event Center and is organized by the Competitors Group. The array of different products to be featured include fitness apparel, running technologies, health & nutrition info, interactive displays, supplements, and much more. Don’t forget to see what the competition is up to – perhaps you’ll discover market opportunities that others have missed.

To increase your odds of walking away from the event as a success, consider hiring Evo Exhibits. We assist with all aspects of the process, which allows you to focus on your business rather than on the small details.

Seattle Gift Show

The gifts market has a wide variety of products, which means such an exhibition is suitable for all sorts of companies. Come to the Seattle Gift Show with a dazzling trade show booth for a profitable visit. The ability to convert a highly targeted audience, face-to-face, presents a unique opportunity that’s hard to pass up.

The event will be run at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center and it’s organized by Urban Expositions. Among the attendees, expect professional buyers that are interested in making wholesale purchases. These big ticket orders can be the difference that makes your trade show visit a success.

However, to attract the right kind of attention, you need an impactful trade show booth that highlights your best products. Evo Exhibits has experience setting up trade show booths for a wide variety of businesses. Get in touch to start brainstorming!


The biggest trade shows in Seattle offer so much variety that you are spoiled for choice. Making a visit to one of these events provides a number of benefits for your business, including networking with strategic business partners, generating sales, increasing brand awareness, and competitive analysis.

Making a mark at the trade show of your choice can be difficult if you have no strategy. Evo Exhibits can help overcome the challenges and setbacks that companies tend to have. Our level of experience will point you in the right direction every time.

The cost and investment of resources will pay for itself if you hit your sales numbers with a well-crafted trade show booth. Give it a shot and you’ll potentially elevate the status of your business beyond the competition.




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