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After The Trade Show

After months spent planning, prepping, and promoting, your tireless work has finally paid off. The trade show is over. Success! Right?

Not quite.

Whether you’re still riding high on the rush of an exciting event or just exhausted by a sleepless few days (or both!), there is still work to be done to ensure your organization gets the most value possible of their trade show experience.

Following Up on Trade Show Leads

After so much effort is spent generating leads on the trade show floor, it’s key to get organized as soon as you return to the office. Taking too long to follow-up – or not following up at all – can result in a crucial loss of potential sales. Depending on the structure of your organization, one way of tackling this issue is to task employees with following up on the leads they personally generated. This is a great technique that feels more personal, as the lead themselves will be speaking with the same person they originally connected with at the event. This also helps track employee performance, which can be a useful way to measure which employees are worth bringing along to the next company trade show outing.

Another way to organize leads is through the use of a centralized, digital system to log information such as personal details, contact info, and product/service interests discussed during the event. The benefit to this strategy is it opens the accessibility of the information so that any available employee can follow up on the lead at any time.

While at the event, be sure to gather a variety of contact details so you have multiple communication methods at your disposal. For example, if a lead is unresponsive via email, then a phone call might just do the trick. Here are a few tips you should consider regarding various communication methods:

  • Email: Connecting virtually is quick and convenient. Sending a personalized email is one of the fastest ways to follow-up on a sale after the trade show. This process can be templated for the most efficient process, but be sure to include personal details as well as references to the conversation had at the event for a truly personal touch.
  • Phone: While a little more time-intensive, a traditional phone call is an excellent way to follow-up on your leads. If possible, have these calls made by the same reps who spoke to the leads during the event. Building upon that individual rapport just might be the key to unlocking a sale.
  • Text: Relatively new to the mix is the idea of text messaging. Keep it short and sweet, and never send more than one. Depending on your industry, this can be a fun, friendly way to reach out to potential clients.

Keep in mind that different communication methods will appeal to different types of audiences and different industries. For example, phone calls might appeal to a more traditional businesses whereas text messages might be a better option for start-ups.

Measuring & Analyzing Your Results

Evaluating the results of your trade show experience is an absolute must. You and your team should be analyzing what worked and what didn’t. Look back at the goals you set before the event to see which objectives were reached – and how successfully. Even if the trade show went well overall, there is always room for improvement. Identifying areas that can be approached differently or further streamlined will aid in the decision-making process for your next event.

To help with this analysis post-event, it’s important to document everything. At a minimum, consider data like total costs, number of leads generated, total follow-ups, objectives completed, and objectives missed. The goal is to measure your data and identify which goals were completed and which fell short of success. This way, you and your team can modify your approach for the next event to meet all of your objectives.

In addition to making strategy changes, your team should also take a look at the expenses of the event to identify where savings can be made. For example, if your trade show booth featured a piece of technology that was less popular than expected, that money can be put toward something more useful in future booth designs. Use every trade show visit as an opportunity to learn and eventually you’ll figure out the best formula for your organization and goals.

Promoting Your Attendance & Experience

Increasing brand awareness is a major motivator for many trade show exhibitors. The value to be had here doesn’t end with the trade show, however. After the event is the perfect time to follow through on elevating your brand through social media. If possible, interview booth staff and take statements from attendees for fun, testimonial-style quotes that can be used on a multitude of social channels. This is especially effective when paired with a pre-show marketing campaign to bring the entire brand experience full-circle.

Be sure to also take photos and video during the event to share on your social platforms afterwards. A uniquely designed exhibit booth is excellent for dressing up social media channels and adding interest. Need help with your next booth design? Our experts at Evo Exhibits create custom trade show booths with your organization’s unique needs in mind. Contact us today to set up a free Discovery meeting and start brainstorming!

Generating New Content

Trade shows can offer a unique insight into the interests, questions, and concerns of your consumer base. One way to take advantage of this information is to incorporate that content into landing pages and blog posts for your organization’s website. Instruct your exhibit staff to take notes when speaking to attendees. Take note of patterns in their interests and build specific pages on-site with those products or services in mind. Compile a list of questions and build an FAQ to feature in your next blog post. This content will be extremely useful and highly relevant for your customers, and is a great way to keep the content on your website fresh.


Assuming your work is over once the trade show ends is an easy, yet costly, mistake to make. There are massive opportunities to continue the momentum of the event by converting leads, streamlining your strategies, and growing your brand.

For a smooth post-show experience, you need a smooth pre-show experience. Consider partnering with a professional trade show service provider like Evo Exhibits. Our experts work with you to identify your unique goals, create a booth tailored to your needs, and conduct post-show follow-ups for success at all current and future trade shows. Get in touch today!




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