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“Miner Enterprises, Inc. partnered with their agency and Evo Exhibits to tap into an award winning new technology called LEDskin® from beMatrix®. The exhibit shown at Railway Interchange was a great example for how cross collaboration between teams creates innovative solutions".
Ashley Taylor – Evo Senior Account Manager


W.H. Miner is a major supplier of freight car components to the railroad industry. For over 115 years, Miner Enterprises, Inc. has supplied the railroad industry with quality manufactured and engineered railcar components.

Miner is all about perfecting railcar performance. The legacy of their business proves it since they’ve been around since 1894. The team produces highly engineered products such as energy management components, track hunting components (constant contact side bearings), braking components, loading components, and unloading components.

The floorplan is split into equal areas allotted for product displays and a meeting space. The mix of wood textures, large graphics and AV create a contemporary and elegant feeling. The openness in the design engenders a friendly and welcoming environment.


Educate attendees, “It’s what’s inside that counts. It’s more than the steel we use or the elastomers we invent. It’s the spirit and the soul of every individual at Miner who strives to make the very best railcar components that exceed your expectations. It’s a legacy that stretches back decades, and a keen eye on what tomorrow will bring. It’s a promise of partnership. So that you can count on us millions of miles from today.”


  • Maintain industry relationships.
  • Utilize structure in the booth with the bottom level creating an open environment, with semi-private to open meeting areas.
  • Utilize client owned hanging sign, existing modular frame and new printed fabric.
  • Add interesting lighting/color elements.

The open concept meeting area was a warm and inviting place for Miner employees to interface with customers and partners.


So, what’s the best way to get attention today and make sure people hear your message? Make it simple and easy with a video!

Miner Enterprises, Inc. partnered with their agency and Evo Exhibits to tap into an award winning new technology called LEDskin® from beMatrix®. The LEDskin Modular LED Display makes it possible for video to be fit seamlessly into the beMatrix frames, resulting in one slim invisible video solution to highlight their educational video content.

More on the LEDskin system: The LED tiles are automatically aligned to each other and the frame by easy integrated lock systems. One module can be quickly released and replaced from the front by magnets. The slim width gives you the opportunity to hide all the cables. The backside of the tiles can be covered by SEG fabric or hard panels, providing a neat and custom branded look. It’s clean, easy, lightweight and doesn’t require tools to install.

The large LEDskin video wall isn't done justice in still pictures. It's so seamless that it appears to be a large backlit graphic.

The combination of Evo's Custom + Modular Exhibit Solution and innovative technology, lead to a successful partnership with Miner Enterprises, Inc.


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