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PRINT 18 – Graph Expo – GASC

Do you operate in the print industry and want to showcase your latest products and innovations? Attend PRINT 18 – Graph Expo (GASC) and encounter plenty of interested buyers for your products. This is one of the biggest events of the year for the print industry — be part of the community by attending.

Educational opportunities and social events will add more value to this exhibition. Choosing to be one of the trade show exhibits for GASC means you will be uniquely positioned to have a highly profitable few days and learn more about your industry.

If you’re considering attending this event next year, let us know! At Evo Exhibits, we use our trademark Discover. Create. Connect. process to help you have a successful trade show experience each and every time.

About GASC

The Association for Print Technologies brings immense value to the print industry and this event is a shining example.

The association’s responsibilities include education on a broad range of topics – over 50 educational sessions are held at GASC every year! In 2017, the Chicago-based event attracted over 22,000 attendees and 14,000+ were buyers. You should expect even bigger numbers in 2018 and beyond.

The range of products featured at the event includes:

  • Inkjet – Digital Presses & Printers
  • Software & Workflow Solutions
  • Post-press/Finishing/Bindery Equipment
  • Package/Label Printing & Converting
  • Substrates, Inks/Toners & Consumables
  • Future Print: 3D, Printed Electronics & RFID
  • Offset Presses & Controls
  • Mailing & Fulfilment
  • Pre-press Equipment
  • Brokered Products to Resell

Who will attend?

Last year, attendees came from 86 countries. You will need to be prepared to communicate effectively with any potential buyer that approaches your trade show booth. Clearly and concisely show off your best products and you may generate significant sales in a few short days.

Face-to-face meetings with senior level officials at this event can lead to profitable new clients which may be the lifeblood of your business for years to come.

Attendees are interested in seeing new, innovative products compared to what the industry already offers. Come with your best to impress the crowds at GASC.

Who should exhibit?

Companies should exhibit at GASC offering products in the categories mentioned above. Fast and efficient deliveries of product set the right first impression for buyers looking for long-term partnerships with reliable vendors.

This event is also a great chance to network with other companies that might complement your product range. Share assets, knowledge, and resources in a mutually beneficial relationship.

You can also find out more about how your industry is evolving and what new technological trends are happening. Over 50 educational sessions are organized for you to attend. GASC is a great opportunity for companies to increase brand recognition. A smartly designed trade show booth is the most effective way to accomplish that. Get in touch with an Evo representative to learn more.

Trade show booth strategy

The success of a visit to the GASC will depend on how you have executed your trade show booth strategy. Get it wrong and you may fail to attract the crowds required to make it a profitable trip. Refer to this list of strategies to help you construct a booth built for success:

  • Branding: The opportunity to raise brand awareness within any industry can elevate the status of your company. Ensure attendees remember your brand after they leave the exhibition and you may receive a steady stream of interest from potential buyers.
  • Social Media: Take advantage of social media opportunities. Consider creating a custom hashtag and encouraging people to use it for a special discount on their first order.
  • Informative: Does your booth quickly convey the benefits of your products in an easy-to-digest manner? If not, you need to have a good look at your booth and make changes. Attendees may be pressed for time and will only have a few minutes to stay at your booth. With such a short period of time, every moment counts toward securing a sale.
  • Interactive: The best booths tend to be ones with an element of interactivity that captures the attention of the crowd. This can be in the form of a product demonstration — showing the product in action. For example, if you sell printing equipment, allow attendees to design a sample page and print it using your equipment. Set up an interactive point within the booth to allow attendees to learn more about your products on offer.

The suggestions above sound simple, but in reality they can be a headache to get right without experience. With the help of Evo Exhibits, you can tilt the odds of success in your favor. Our professional services help all types of businesses meet their objectives at any trade show.

Event program and details

GASC will take place in Chicago at McCormick Place South, September 30th to October 2nd. The comprehensive array of activities and things to see at the event means you will have an action packed few days. Here are some of the more notable events to consider attending:

First Timers’ Reception: Consider attending the First Timers’ Reception to mingle with other newcomers, enjoy refreshments, and take part in some games. It is a nice way to get the ball rolling before you get down to business at your trade show space.

International Networking Reception: This side-event offers a chance to meet face-to-face with potential business partners from around the world. It is perfect for companies looking to broaden their horizons.

Celebrate PRINT! Our Party with a Purpose: For exhibitors looking to have fun with a purpose, there is a party to raise money for a good cause. This is a great chance to mingle and perhaps forge business partnerships in the process.


Choosing to be one of the trade show exhibits for GASC means you will have access to one of the best crowds in the print industry. Key decision makers will be in attendance, and you could be one of the companies that make the most of the opportunity.

It is also a great chance to learn more about the marketplace you operate in — the number of educational events is expansive. Take the time to soak up the atmosphere and do not forget to have fun at the event.

To improve your chances of success in future trade show events, partner with Evo Exhibits. Our proven track record and seasoned team of experts will ensure your next trade show experience is a successful one!




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