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The Summer Fancy Food Show is one of the biggest specialty food industry trade events in North America. If you have something food-related to showcase, it’s the place to be. Exciting events and programs will be featured at the food show and attendees will flock in to check out the exhibitions. Do you have a food-based business that needs to generate new customers? If so, then consider attending the event and you’ll potentially secure a large number of new orders and increase your brand awareness within the industry. Evo Exhibits can help with trade show exhibits for Summer Fancy Food Show to ensure your trade show experience is a success. Contact us today to start brainstorming!

Here’s what you need to know about trade show exhibits for summer fancy food show:

About the Summer Fancy Food Show

The event is run by the Speciality Food Association (SPA), which was founded in 1952 and has more than 3,500 businesses as members. The members cover a large portion of the food industry sphere, which includes importers, entrepreneurs, retailers, distributors, and purveyors.

It’s estimated that in 2016 the speciality food sales were $127 billion, making it a massive industry with equally massive opportunity. A lot of deals can be secured at the food show every year – it’s where the industry gathers to exchange ideas and contact details. Every year you can expect to see innovative ideas that set the trends for the year to come.

Who will attend?

One of the benefits of attending a trade show as an exhibitor is the large crowds of targeted buyers. A mixture of specialty food enthusiasts and professional buyers will be attending the event. Therefore, you have an opportunity to generate huge sales numbers. The trick to getting it right is to attract attendees with a trade show booth that’s more impressive than the competition.

Keep in mind that the event is not open to the general public, in order to maintain its integrity. Attendees who wish to come must register and show proof of their involvement in the specialty foods industry.

Furthermore, attendees will be interested in discovering new specialty foods they have never seen before. You need to be innovative and stand out from the marketplace so that attendees have something unique to remember once they leave the event.

Among the crowd will be professional buyers that are looking to secure big orders for the right products. You need to identify these opportunities and be ready to pitch your products. Securing these big orders could be the difference between a lackluster and successful visit to the trade show.

Who should exhibit?

The specialty foods industry is broad and covers a wide array of foods types. Therefore, an opportunity exists for various food related businesses to take advantage of the highly targeted footfall. If you’re in the produce business selling at the local market, then perhaps the Summer Fancy Food Show is not for you. However, businesses that have niche or unique food items should attend with a professionally setup trade show booth.

New businesses entering the specialty foods industry should definitely attend as the event will provide much more than simply generating sales. You’ll have a chance to elevate the status of your brand within the industry. You can also learn the other key brands your products will be competing against. Take a look at their recipes and the quality of the food they offer. This should clue you in on what you’ll need to do in order to compete in the marketplace.

Trade show booth strategy

One of the biggest differentiators that allows you to succeed is the quality of your trade show booth. There will be a rich variety of exhibitors fighting for attention at the Summer Fancy Food Show. Here are some ideas on how to design your trade show booth so that it’s competitive:

  • Samples: This one is a no-brainer. Decision makers at the event will want to sample your food before having the confidence to trust in the quality. Therefore, you must have plenty of bite-sized samples on offer that can be utilized to close the deal on a sale. The samples must be delicious but also representative of the average quality of the products they will be buying.
  • Visually attractive: Attendees may choose to flock to the trade show booth that looks visually attractive, which means you must make it look presentable. Plenty of pictures, illustrations of your products, and bright colors can get the job done. Evo Exhibits can help with the implementation of an attractive looking trade show booth.
  • Interactive technologies: Trade show booths perform well when potential buyers can interact. Since this is a food show, perhaps potential buyers can watch you interact instead by preparing the samples. You can show a “behind the scenes” type demonstration where you prepare the speciality foods. Alternatively, make use of technology to educate your audience on the products and benefits.

For more ideas with how to set up your trade show booth correctly get in touch with Evo Exhibits. Their experience and knowledge in this area is unmatched and they can help setup a trade show booth that will draw the right kind of attention.

Event Program and Details

The Summer Fancy Food Show will take place June 30th to July 2nd at The Javits Center. There will be an education programme that includes:

The Basics – The Business of Speciality Food: This is a one day course that introduces people to the specialty foods industry. It covers a number of items such as best practices, trends and research. It’s the perfect course to take for newcomers to the industry.

Panels and Presentations: Industry experts will talk about a wide range of related topics such as food safety, market trends and the business of specialty foods.

Excite Talks: This is a discussion-themed talk series that is fast paced and packed full of useful information. It’s a great platform to get debates going and learn more about the specialty foods industry in general.

At the event there will be a section called Showcases, which allows exhibitors to show off their products in a featured area. This is a great way to introduce your products to the marketplace that might have been struggling to get the recognition they deserve. Attendees may flock to the showcase area before doing anything else, so consider taking advantage of this trade show area.


Choosing to be one of the trade show exhibits for Summer Fancy Food Show has the potential to give a new business a jump start and established ones huge sales opportunities. There will be a lot of excitement at the show and taking advantage of the crowd of targeted buyers should not be missed.

However, to ensure you have a solid trade show booth strategy, consider hiring a professional industry expert like Evo Exhibits. We partner with our clients and guide them through the process for beautiful, unique trade show displays and successful event experiences. Get in touch today!




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