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Showcasing New Trade Show Products: Dos and Don’ts

Launching new trade show products at your next trade show is a great way to drum up interest in your company as well as your existing products. For potential buyers it can feel very exclusive and chic to be the first one to know about a brand new product months before it’s set to hit the market. But before you go all out and paint the trade show red with your new product/service, make sure you follow our list of “dos and don’ts”.


1. Do make sure the show you’re attending is hyper focused.
Before putting all of your money and time into launching a new product at a trade show, it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re choosing the right one. If you would consider your new product to wholly reflect the theme of the trade show, then it’s probably a good idea to showcase it. For example, a new tech gadget is a perfect fit for CES (Consumer Electronics Show). If it’s something that doesn’t reflect the products that people come to the show to see, then it might not be the right show to present your new item. Make sure the kind of people who come to the show you sign up for have potential to actually buy and use your product. Industry insiders will of course be excited about your product, but will not be easily impressed. So make sure the trade show you’re attending has a strong correlation to the arena in which your new product plays.

Another thing to keep in mind is all of the other companies who are also launching new products at around the same time. Be aware of the upside and downside of launching at a show that is featuring “new product showcases.” Keep an eye on the social media pages of those who are attending to make sure that this is the right event to present your new product. On the positive side, a lot of new products releases in one place can draw a lot of attention from buyers and industry media. As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats. The downside is that your product can get lost in a sea of new releases.

2. Do build anticipation.
Building anticipation is key to driving potential customers to your booth. Social media is now the tried and true way to do just that. Make sure to post on social media about your impressive, new product. Give brief details about it and include crystal clear, professional photos. Mention in the post that you can get a sneak peek of this new product at the trade show you’ll be attending. Or if you are planning on a big reveal at the show, produce your teaser content in a way that piques the interest without giving away the surprise. Include the trade show hashtag, when you’ll be there and your booth number. Another way to build anticipation is to send out promo emails to your contact list as well as to the people who you know will be attending the show. This might require some research, but it’s nothing a bit of social media digging can’t uncover.

3. Do follow up after the event.
Remember, you’ve got something at the trade show that other companies don’t – a new, interesting product. Take advantage of this special status by reminding the people you met at the trade show when your new product will be officially launching. Consider offering them a coupon code for a discount as an incentive. If you’re contacting a prospective business partner, thank them for coming to visit you at the trade show and remind them of when your new product will be launching. Other great ways to keep prospective partners in the loop is to do a live stream of your product launch on social media or post photos of your trade show experience weeks later as a “throwback.”

4. Do make sure your product is listed on your website.
Too many companies make the mistake of not having any trace of their product online after showcasing it at a trade show. If and when a customer wants to look up your product, they should be able to find all the information they need on your website. You wouldn’t want to miss out on a sale because the prospect can’t find details on your product.


1. Don’t use the same old booth.
If the product you are launching is truly unique and unlike anything your company has ever offered, it warrants a special booth. Have the new product be the “inspiration” behind your booth design. A meeting with one of our design experts will help you get the booth design of your dreams without breaking the bank. Launching a new product is an exciting thing. Let the whole trade show know how passionate you are about your new product by making it the centerpiece, while also making sure you’re showing off your original products as well. Your decision as to just how much you center the booth design around your new product might come down to how unique it is. If you’re convinced that the product is something these trade show attendees have never seen before, then making a big scene out of it will probably pay off. If other companies have already come out with something similar or it’s not necessarily a totally new concept, then maybe dedicate a smaller portion of your booth to the new product launch while still focusing on your tried and true products.

2. Don’t let the product speak for itself.
You might know everything there is to know about your new product, but attendees are coming in totally blind. Seeing as it isn’t on the market yet, you’re going to need to put some effort in on the demo front. That might mean playing videos of your product in action, statistics on the walls that reflect the need for your product in the current marketplace, or a good old-fashioned live demonstration done by one of your staff members. Not only will this attract more interest and attention to your booth, but you’ll make sure that no one is going to overlook your product because they don’t know what it is or how it works.

3. Don’t forget your press kit.
Make no mistake, people will want more information on your product even if you present a perfect demonstration. Make sure you have some brochures, information sheets, pictures, and any other relevant information. This way, there’s no risk of confusion, and they can take the information with them. Knowing that much of the printed materials we produce often end up in the recycling bin, make sure all of that information is available on your website or app.

4. Don’t give out run of the mill merchandise.
You’re launching a special product – that calls for special merchandise. Instead of handing out the typical stuff this year, try handing out merchandise that reflects your new product. If it’s a new piece of technology, hand out an accessory that you could potentially use with it. If it’s a bedsheet made out of Japanese bamboo, give out bamboo pens. Make your merchandise an extension of your new product. People will appreciate the relevance and attention to detail. Plus, when people dump out their merch bags after the show, they’ll remember your company…and your new product!

We hope you enjoyed our “dos and don’ts” list for showcasing new trade show products. You’ve already got a “one-up” with your hot new product, now it’s just about giving it the trade show treatment it deserves!




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