• Edge-9017R
  • Edge-9017R
  • Edge-9017R
  • Edge-9017R
  • Edge-9017R

Features and Benefits

  • EDGE-9017R - Custom Rental Display
  • 20x20 Custom rental modular trade show display
    • 16' High Curved Backwall Structure with Built-in Walkway
    • Storage Closet with Locking Door (Includes Solid Unprinted Sintra Infill Panels)
    • (2) Connected Shelving Units
    • (2) Small Monitor Mounts
    • Short Coral Wall for Semi-Private Conference Area (Includes Frosted Acrylic Infill Panels)
    • (1) Large Curved Counter with Locking Door & Interior Shelf
    • (1) Large Monitor Kiosk with Large Monitor Mount
    • SEG Fabric Graphics on Both Sides
    Ships from West Coast Rental Depot
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Design ID: Edge-9017R
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20x20 Custom Modular Island Rental Trade Show Exhibit

There's nothing subtle about an 20x20 Rental Island Exhibit. Islands maximize the use of 400 sq. ft to each edge and branding above.  An island gives you the freedom to create presentation areas, meeting rooms, casual lounges, and multiple workstations. 

Evo blends the use of the latest modular systems and HD tension fabrics, and custom cabinetry for a unique dynamic look - it won't look like a rental!  Contact an Evo exhibit consultant today to start your design!

$33,000 - $37,000

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