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4Play Wheels exhibit at SEMA

The name of the game at SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) is “custom.” Custom products to personalize your vehicle, displayed in custom exhibits. With over 2,400 exhibitors in attendance, the custom trade show booths display the hottest and latest exhibitor products. The first SEMA show in history dates back to 1967 when it first started with only 98 exhibitors. Over 50 years later, the show has continued to grow in size and popularity. Representatives from more than 140 countries outside of the U.S. travel from all over the world to attend this automotive trade-show. SEMA is not open to the public, only certified individuals employed in the automotive aftermarket are approved to become an attendee. 

For a show of this capacity, the design had to be spectacular and creative. To achieve this, Evo Exhibits created an engaging and visually appealing design to showcase 4Play Wheels products. With every booth it starts with a custom image and idea that works best for the exhibitor. 4Play Wheels wanted to display their vast array of wheels and rims made for truck owners, while illuminating their uniqueness. These wheels and rims are nothing but the best quality and exceed all safety regulations because of the time and effort that goes in to making them.

 The Process

4Play Wheels products

The booth that Evo Exhibits designed and produced for 4Play Wheels featured a high-end, modern retail feel. The inside of the booth shined with front and back lit product displays, highlighting the jewel-like nature of the products. The outside aisles were plastered with massive, 4K resolution branded graphics. And it wouldn’t be a SEMA booth without an outrageous truck customized with 4Play Wheels’ 24 in. wheels. Thirteen different styles of rims were displayed on the exhibit floor for viewing. With the Las Vegas Convention Center being over 1.2 million net square feet, Evo Exhibit designers incorporated a welcoming atmosphere with tabletops and chairs. This allowed attendees to take a minute to relax and study the offered products. 

Evo Exhibits team of designers, engineers, project managers, and account executives consider every aspect when creating a design for an exhibitor’s booth. We not only want our clients to be satisfied, but proud as well, to display their products in our custom designed booths.  


End Result

Full exhibit view

After months of hard work and determination, Evo Exhibits was able to create this 800 square foot custom trade show booth for 4Play Wheels. After four extensive days at the Las Vegas Convention Center, over 161,000 attendees were given the chance to explore 4Play Wheels products and the amazing exhibit.

Client Trisha Gaffney Dubil from 4Play Wheels states:

“On Behalf of 4PLAY Wheels we would like to say thank you. We had an outstanding experience with Evo Exhibits. It was our first time exhibiting at SEMA, the world’s largest automotive show, and the entire Evo team was on point. They walked us through the entire process, were always accessible and responsive, and were a big part of our booth’s success. Kent and Lisa follow through on their commitments and Ray, the fabrication manager, helped with the smallest details of our booth. Thanks Evo team, see you next year.”

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