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Proper financial planning is essential when calculating the cost of a trade show booth. The more you know, the more effectively you can prepare for shows. Most exhibitors budget for the costs of the booth structure, graphics, and possibly their team’s travel expenses. But there are several other expenses to be mindful of.

Consider each of the following components to ensure you’re accurately estimating the cost of a trade show booth:

1. Shipping & Storage

We’re listing this aspect of trade show booth cost first, because it’s easily overlooked. Shipping is a very important factor to consider both in terms of affordability and flexibility. It’s important to look for a trade show company that will ship your exhibit anywhere you want or need it to go. Many companies will only ship exhibits to predetermined locations. Small details like this can make huge differences on the actual day of the trade show, impacting the final cost of a trade show booth. Evo will ship your exhibit anywhere you need it to go, to ensure that you have the most positive trade show experience possible. Also, you’ll need to consider the cost of storage when you make the decision to own your exhibit, as opposed to renting. More on that topic later.

2. Flooring, Furniture & Accessories

Flooring, furniture, and accessories are another aspect of trade show booth cost to consider. Your mileage here will vary depending on the size of your booth, the nature of your company, your target market, and other factors.

Materials for flooring will be a discrete cost that you’ll need to consider when calculating the cost of a trade show booth. Remember – the design here is important, as is the comfort level of your employees and booth visitors. Evo will personally work with you to make sure the materials and textures used for your flooring will be in excellent taste and in full alignment with your brand’s image and corporate goals.

Each business is completely unique…and so is the ideal approach to your flooring, furniture, and accessories. We’ll help you maximize the value of your spending, and your ROI on the day of the show. 

3. Renting Versus Purchasing

If you haven’t taken the time to figure out whether you should be renting or purchasing your exhibit, you risk making the wrong choice. Evo will personally work with you to figure out your unique parameters and goals. How many trade shows do you plan on attending annually? Do you plan on changing up what type of exhibit you use from show to show, to appeal to different audiences? All of these factors need to be analyzed to determine the best choice for you.

4. Installation & Dismantle

You’ll also need to factor in the costs of having your exhibit professionally installed and dismantled. This trade show booth cost is extremely important, as second-rate installation and dismantling puts you at serious risk of damaging your booth. If you’ve purchased your booth and damaged it, you’re looking at secondary repair costs to get it back up to speed. If you’ve rented your booth and damaged it, you’ll be looking at serious damage expenses. Both of these affect the overall cost of a trade show booth.

Without a doubt, it’s best to have a professional I&D team at your back to ensure smooth operating. Evo is staffed with dedicated I&D experts who are professionally trained with every exhibit build.

Evo offers you peace of mind before and after the show through professional I&D services. A key part of our philosophy is to partner with you before, during, and after the show. 

Summing Up

One of the most important factors to successful trade show attendance is   properly anticipating, prioritizing, and planning for the trade show booth costs you’ll incur. What sort of budget are you working with, and what are your goals within those parameters?

Evo Exhibits works tirelessly to help our clients maximize their value through every stage of the trade show exhibit experience. We understand that you don’t just need a booth…you need a partner who will align with your goal and help you understand the true cost of a trade show booth.




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