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A 30×30 trade show booth will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to become the star of the show. However, that’s only going to happen if you really take advantage of your size. While most people would assume that having a large booth makes life easier, it’s often the opposite. When faced with so much space and possibilities, a company can feel overwhelmed, leading to an overall design that misses the mark. So what can you do to avoid this? Well, some of the best large booth ideas are relatively easy to implement with some creativity and advanced planning.

Check out our list of the best large booth ideas below:

Try Not to Be Intimidated by the Size.

It’s important to not be intimidated by the size of your booth – instead, try to embrace the challenge that comes with it! A booth of this size can allow you to make a significant impact on the show, but it has to be done correctly. Treat this like a fun opportunity to explore how big and bold you can be. When it is done correctly, the impact can be astounding.

So what are the best large booth ideas that are out there? Well, big and bold is always effective, and with a 30×30 booth there’s no limit to how big and bold you can be. Here are just a few of our favorites:

1. Use Digital Graphics.

With a booth of this size, you’ll want to make sure that people are able to discover what you’re offering – which is much more than just a great big booth. Try using an LED video wall with bold and dynamic digital graphics – it’s a great way to draw attention and get your messaging across.

2. Have a Clear Purpose for Your Booth.

Even with a booth of this size, there still has to be main reason for it to exist, and that message has to be made loud and clear. You want to have a design and layout that visitors will be able to remember after they leave. Is it a new product? A new service? Whatever it is, be sure to choose a main concept and make it the heart of the booth while building out the rest of the design around it.

3. Consider Empty Space.

The general rule of thumb is that there has to be a considerable amount of empty space in your booth for it to be effective. The best large booth ideas usually use 40% as a rough guideline for the amount of empty space to include. However, this can vary based on the type of marketing you’re planning on doing at the event. If you’re selling a service, you might want to your imagery to provide just enough information without divulging too much. If you’re promoting a large catalog of products, however, there’s value in plastering your booth with all of your offerings. Either way, make sure your imagery entices visitors into wanting to learn more.

4. Have Varying Heights of Graphics.

Graphics should be at various heights to attract the most attention from different distances. This variation will also provide a sense of depth and intrigue to your booth, while providing you with additional opportunities to focus on your branding.

5. Use Technology.

Once people arrive at your booth, you want them to stay. To achieve this, offer them things such as free Wi-Fi or the ability to charge their smartphones while they are there. Any type of company can offer these – not just ones that are selling something those services.

6. Create a Private Area.

With a booth of this size, one of the best large booth ideas is creating a more private area to take potential clients away from the hustle and bustle of the trade show. This can help you finalize deals, with the added benefit that it gives a more professional touch to your presence at the show.

7. Use Attractive Lighting.

Lighting is important. It can help you stand out while allowing you to draw attention to your marketing messages. You don’t have to settle for the lighting provided by the venue, which is often flat and uninviting. Instead, build your own custom design that matches your space. Are you using an enclosed design? Be sure to have adequate backlighting. There’s a lot to work with here – custom lighting, while often overlooked, has always been one of the best large booth ideas!

Do Not Forget.

A 30×30 booth is large and has the potential to dominate. Depending on the location, you might have the opportunity to expand upwards to draw even more attention. Stop and think for a moment about your reaction when you enter a trade show. As you walk through that entrance, your eyes are cast upwards as you see various logos and hanging signs. The companies that you feel most drawn to at first will be the ones with the strongest initial visual impact.

Moving Things Forward is Easier Than You Think.

A 30×30 trade booth is a wonderful opportunity to get your brand noticed. Are you overwhelmed by the possibilities? Don’t worry! Evo Exhibits specializes in providing this kind of assistance. We’ll help make sure that your trade show booth investment will pay dividends in the long-term!




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