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Nicknamed the Mile High City due to its elevation, Denver is a lively destination for trade show events and conferences. The variety of trade shows on offer means there is something for everyone. Attendees flock to these events to see the latest and greatest. Take advantage of the huge crowds to increase brand awareness, generate sales, and network with potential business partners.

To have a truly successful event, you may need the help of professionals. That’s where we come in. Evo Exhibits has years of experience helping businesses take their trade show experiences to the next level. Contact us today to get started!

Check out our list of the largest trade shows in Denver:

Coffee Fest

Every year Coffee Fest is filled with coffee enthusiasts and professional buyers interested in securing huge orders for their shops and cafés. Come prepared with a professional trade show booth and you’ll have more sales than you can handle.

The event is hosted at the Colorado Convention Center and is organized by Lifestyles Events. The event will also take place in Los Angeles and New York. It’s estimated that buyers who show interest in your products are 88% likely to buy from you within a year. Therefore, be sure to come prepared with a trade show booth that will capture the attention of the retail market.

Outdoor Retailer Market

Companies operating in the outdoors market should strongly consider attending the Outdoor Retailer Market at the Colorado Convention Center. The event is organized by Emerald Expositions and will feature a wide variety of products, including footwear, accessories, technical gear, apparel, and much more. Businesses operating in this industry have a lot to gain by attending the event.

By coming face-to-face with potential buyers, you have a unique opportunity to convert a huge segment of the footfall. Ideally, your trade show will be interactive and have plenty of samples for potential customers to inspect first-hand. Your employees should be ready to supplement the customer experience with additional information, brochures, leaflets and even samples if it’s applicable.

Don’t forget – the array of large companies attending the event means you can see exactly what types of products and strategies your competition is utilizing. Take note of how they have set up their trade show booths to generate ideas for the future. You can also network and form alliances with strategic businesses. The event is one that cannot be missed if you want to make your presence felt in the Denver outdoors market.

Denver Pet Expo

The Denver Pet Expo at the Denver Merchandise Mart is an event that’s organized by Amazing Pet Expo. Every year, the show features a wide array of pet-related products, including grooming products, pet accessories, pet food, pet toys, and much more.

Come prepared with a well-designed trade show booth that speaks to the target audience and you’ll generate both sales and attention. In attendance will be a mix of enthusiasts and industry professionals interested in securing big orders. Striking a deal with other businesses on huge orders is what will bring in sales numbers.

To ensure your visit to the Denver Pet Expo is a complete success, consider partnering with a professional trade show company. At Evo Exhibits, our years of experience means you can rely on us to present a trade show booth designed to impress.

Rock ‘N’ Roll

The Rock ‘N’ Roll health and fitness expo takes place all around the country and brings in plenty of enthusiasts and professional buyers. The event is coupled with a popular marathon that helps draw in huge crowds.

At the event, you’ll find that a wide variety of products are featured, including health supplements, fitness clothing, accessories, equipment, nutrition products, and much more. However, to give yourself an edge, consider bringing something that nobody has seen before. Even better, give out samples of your products. This will create a buzz around your trade show booth and encourage attendees to buy more of your products in the future.

The event will be hosted at the National Western Complex, which is a beautiful venue that’s worthy of the occasion. While attending, you’ll benefit from checking up on competitors to see what others are doing in your industry. You may even see market trends that are worth exploring for yourself in the coming year.

Denver Home Show

Homeowners flock to the Denver Home Show every year to see what new products are available to upgrade their homes. Come with a professional trade show booth that offers something unique and you may generate the buzz that’s required to acquire plenty of sales. The event will be hosted at the National Western Complex and a rich variety of products will be on display. Expect gardening products, remodeling ideas, home decorations, garden furniture, and valuable renovation advice.

At the event, industry buyers will be attending to execute orders. Come prepared with the right products and the orders you secure can be huge for your business. The marketing has to be spot on so that you’ll draw attention from the crowds. However, it helps if you market your attendance at the Denver Home Show long before coming.

Need help planning your next trade show strategy? Evo Exhibits can help. Our understanding of how to attract the right audience with specialized booth design is the best in the business. Contact us today!


The largest trade shows in Denver present an abundance of opportunity for upcoming and established businesses alike. A successful trade show can help you figure out market trends, establish brand presence in your marketplace, bring in a flood of sales, and allow you to network with other businesses. You can also opt to be a speaker to showcase your industry knowledge. Positioning yourself as an industry leader conveys trust and brand credibility.

However, to increase your chances of a successful trade show visit, consider what Evo Exhibits can do for you. With our help, your trade show booth will be custom to your industry, audience, and brand. Contact us today to start brainstorming!




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