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If you operate in the healthcare industry and need a crowd of highly targeted buyers, consider being one of the trade show exhibits for AHIMA. This expo is a great chance to meet like-minded people to share ideas and network with and form mutually beneficial business relationships.

This event promotes healthcare information and helps exhibitors showcase their best products to industry professionals. Come with something unique, of industry-leading quality, and you will be a big hit at AHIMA.


AHIMA,  American Health Information Management Association, is an organization that works hard to improve the knowledge surrounding healthcare, so professionals can provide a better quality of care. They provide resources and tools for healthcare professionals.

Information is important in the healthcare industry; not having quick access to the right information can sometimes delay the process of providing treatment. AHIMA focuses on delivering the access to information fast so professionals can use it in the field.

Last year, the Los Angeles based event had over 2,800 attendees, and that number is set to grow in 2018. Come as an exhibitor to the AHIMA expo and get involved with a crowd of buyers looking for new ways to provide healthcare to their patients.

Who will attend?

Industry professionals will be in attendance seeking to place orders for healthcare solutions to improve their current way of doing business. They also want to be informed about your products in a way that’s clear and concise.

There will be much to see at the AHIMA expo, so the attention span of visitors will be relatively short. Once attention is captured, you will need to make the most of it. Attendees are interested in seeing something new at the event — something not seen before at other trade shows.

Keep an eye out for senior level decision makers and impress them with your best sales pitch. Strike a deal with a few of these attendees and you could turn a lacklustre visit to one that is highly profitable.

Who should exhibit?

You should come to the AHIMA expo if you have products or services to offer in the healthcare industry. There is still enough space for additional exhibitors to present, and you will be welcomed by the community on your first visit.

This expo is a great chance to increase market exposure and raise brand awareness among your customer base. Your trade show booth should be properly branded, and Evo Exhibits can help you with that part of the process. Their years of experience give them special insight into what works at an expo like AHIMA.

Companies should also exhibit to network with other industry leaders to share assets, products, and services. A mutually beneficial business relationship can improve the profitability of both companies without over-stepping boundaries.

Trade show booth strategy

Focusing on your trade show booth implementation is important to have success at AHIMA or any other expo you visit. However, with little experience it can be hard to figure out what works and what does not on your first try. Here are a few proven methods for ensuring you have a chance of success at your next expo:

  • Interactivity: Your trade show booth can benefit from an element of interactivity that allows the attendees to get hands-on with your products. Allowing for physical inspection, or actually using the products, can lead to better rates of engagement among the crowd. Alternatively, you could demonstrate your products. This allows potential buyers to visualize the beneficial aspects of your product.
  • Social Media: Take advantage of social media opportunities. Consider creating a custom hashtag and encouraging people to use it for a special discount on their first order.
  • Branding: Attendees should walk away from your booth knowing exactly what company they have just encountered. Through the power of branding, you can help differentiate yourself from the marketplace and create your own loyal following. Your brand logo and name should be placed prominently in the booth and on anything that you give out to attendees, such as leaflets or swag bags.
  • Eye-catching: Your booth should be eye catching and attract attention from a distance. Evo Exhibits can help create a professional looking trade show presence that stands out among the crowd.
  • Technology: Use technology where you can to improve the functionality and appeal of your trade show booth. For example, use a touchscreen panel to inform attendees about the different offerings you have available. This reduces the strain on your employees, and allows visitors to direct their own experience with your products until they’re ready for a live conversation.

The tips above are just some of what can be implemented to tilt the odds of success in your favor. Much more can be done to enhance your trade show experience.  Evo Exhibits can help make it happen for your company – our expertise in this area is second-to-none.

Event program and details

The AHIMA expo will be held in Miami, Florida at the Miami Beach Convention Center on September 23-26th. The cost to exhibit is $28 per square foot with a $1,000 deposit request when making the reservation. Consider how much booth space you will actually need so that you do not pay for more space than is required.

Guest speakers are coming to the event to share their expertise and knowledge of various healthcare topics. Consider showing up for these to learn what new technologies and breakthroughs are taking place in the industry.

Furthermore, a number of social functions will be hosted where you can mingle with the crowd and generate more business. This is a great way to interact with attendees and soak up the excitement of the expo.


Choosing to be one of the trade show exhibits for AHIMA is a great way to increase brand recognition and gain new customers for your products. At this event, expect decision makers ready to buy when the right products are placed in front of them. Learn from featured speakers to increase your knowledge of the industry and what your customers may want to buy in the future.

Success at the AHIMA trade show event will hinge on how your trade show booth has been executed. Thinking of attending next year? Evo Exhibits can help by creating a professional looking trade show booth for your company. Their detailed process involves taking a closer look at your company and supporting you throughout the event. With Evo Exhibits on your side, the exhibition will surely be a success and you will have a lot of fun along the way too!




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