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SPE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition – ATCE

The SPE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition (ATCE) is one of the most ambitious events of the year across a comprehensive array of technical industries. The number of product categories featured at ATCE is immense and the doors are open for businesses to showcase their latest products. To be one of the trade show exhibits for ATCE puts you in a unique position to improve brand recognition and attract clients for new products.

The ATCE has been happening since 1924. That’s over 90 years! The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and other E&P professionals utilize this event to meet and share about the latest developments within their industry.

Your trade show booth must be executed professionally to stand a chance of competing with other exhibitors. Evo Exhibits can help with various aspects of the trade show experience. We get to know your brand in detail and develop a strategy customized to your goals and budget.

About ATCE

The ATCE is an expo for all manner of companies operating in technical industries. The idea behind this event is to educate and provide exhibitors a way of doing business. The ATCE is held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, a great venue for the occasion.

Expect over 8,000 E&P professionals, 390+ technical presentations, 80+ conference sessions, and 250+ exhibitors. You can be one of those exhibitors and take full advantage of a highly targeted crowd that is genuinely interested in what you are offering.

Who will attend?

Industry professionals are attending the ATCE to investigate new technologies to help meet their requirements. Companies require solutions to technical problems and they expect to find them from the exhibitors at the ATCE. Come with a professional trade show presence and you might catch the attention of some key decision makers.

Attendees want to learn about your products in a detailed and informative manner. Their technical backgrounds allow them to understand the products they are investigating, and require detailed breakdowns of what key attributes each product has. It’s important to state the benefits to the consumer so they can determine if it can be incorporated into their industrial process.

Over 8,000 E&P professionals are attending, which means a highly targeted crowd of buyers you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Taking advantage of this opportunity for the right companies is a no-brainer.

Who should exhibit?

Come to the ATCE if you have new products to show the marketplace. The competition will be fierce at the ATCE, so you will need to bring something unique that pushes the boundaries to stand out from the crowd. If there is a new line of products you are developing right now, consider unveiling these products at the expo where attendees will be the first to see them.

The media will be attending this event covering various new products and industry developments. Give them something newsworthy to report on. Play your cards right and you could receive a lot of exposure and increase your brand recognition from the added attention.

You should also exhibit at the ATCE to generate networking opportunities with strategic business partners. Perhaps there are a few industry leaders you have targeted as having the greatest potential. The ATCE may allow you the chance to make those personal/professional connections.

Trade show booth strategy

To impress at the ATCE, your trade show booth must show off your products in a positive, engaging manner. Both old pros and inexperienced trade show exhibitors should consider proven strategies that can give some much-needed help on your next (or first) outing. Here are some tips to incorporate into your trade show booth:

  • Highlight benefits: The customer wants to know what is in it for them — quickly convey the benefits of your products. Clear, concise communication is the most effective way to communicate your key differentiators to potential customers and partners. Have all supporting information to answer any questions or concerns the buyer might have.
  • Branding: One of the key objectives of any expo should be to improve the brand awareness of your company. Your trade show booth is a great tool for getting this done. Your brand logo and name should be placed prominently in the booth and on anything that you give out to attendees, such as leaflets or swag bags. Don’t forget to consider the traffic pattern around your booth, and how to best express your brand messaging to viewers at a distance.
  • Social Media: Take advantage of social media opportunities. Consider creating a custom hashtag and encouraging people to use it for a special discount on their first order.
  • Technology: To give your booth a professional look and feel, consider incorporating technology such as touchscreen panels and virtual reality headsets. These devices can help inform potential buyers about your products and what they bring to the table, in an engaging and memorable way. Evo Exhibits can help you figure out how to implement technology into your booth properly.
  • Eye-catching: Consider being bold with your booth so the attention is focused on your brand. Give away free samples, hold a competition, or use visuals to turn heads towards your booth. Attracting attention at the ATCE is half the battle and there are a number of ways to get it right.

All of the strategies above work when implemented correctly. Admittedly, it’s more of an art than a science, and it may take some trial and error. To avoid common mistakes, consider hiring the services of Evo Exhibits. Get in touch today to learn more!

Event program and details

The ATCE will be held in Dallas, Texas at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, September 24-26th. During the 3 days there will be much to see and the educational opportunities are vast. This expo is as much about learning and meeting industry professionals as it is about selling. With over 80 conference sessions and 390 technical presentations, you will be blown away by the events at the ATCE.

There will also be a number of talks that expose the latest developments in the laws and regulations related to technical based industries. It is important to know what updates are taking place to understand what changes must be made to stay within the lines of the law.


Opting to be one of the trade show exhibits for ATCE gives your brand an opportunity to grow and reach new heights in just a short few days. Take the time to mingle with the crowd and you may strike up new business partnerships that prove to be fruitful for years to come.

The execution of your trade show booth at the ATCE will play a huge role in how much success you can have. If you’re looking to attend next year, consider the services of Evo Exhibits to alleviate the number of problems you may encounter creating your booth. With our help, you can trust your trade show booth will be a show-stopper!




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