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LabelEXPO Americas

Do you offer products in the label and packaging industry and are looking to take on new clients? Then head over to LabelEXPO Americas where you will find a horde of attendees interested in checking out your offerings. The event is one of the biggest throughout the year in the industry and there is a lot more to do than just conduct business.

A mix of conference sessions, academy master classes, and social events provides so much variety that you will be exhausted by the end. There are also opportunities to network with like-minded companies that can lead to mutually beneficial arrangements.

Your best chance of success at LabelEXPO Americas is to create a trade show booth that blows the competition away. Trade show exhibits for LabelEXPO can benefit by hiring the services of Evo Exhibits. Our Discover. Create. Connect. process leaves nothing to chance when it comes to your success.

About LabelEXPO Americas

LabelEXPO events take place all over the world. There are a number of side events to attend during the Americas expo, including Shrink Sleeve Technology, Automation Arena, and TLMI Ecovillage. Take the time to explore the entire venue so you do not miss out.

LabelEXPO Americas is pushing the label industry forward by providing a platform for companies to network and show off their latest products. You will struggle to find such a large crowd of buyers in one concentrated area anywhere else.

Plenty of live demonstrations take place at this event so you can see what other companies are doing to attract customers. With so much to see at the expo, there is something for everyone.

Who will attend?

Senior level executives with real buying power will be in attendance. Meet the right individuals and you may secure a large order that will be quite profitable. It is all about marketing your trade show booth in the proper manner to attract your target market.

Audience members want to see new products and technologies – after all, that is what an expo is all about. They have made the effort to attend in person to see the best offerings right now. Attendees want to be informed about what products are available and how they can be of benefit to their business. Do a good job of this and you will have an easier time converting casual viewers into buyers.

Who should exhibit?

Companies with products or services in the label and packaging industry should attend LabelEXPO Americas. The industry is evolving at a rapid rate as technology developments are leading to new products. Therefore, bring something new to the table when you attend.

You should also exhibit if you want to learn about new developments in the label industry. See what competitors are offering at their trade show booths and take part in the educational sessions. With so much to learn, you will leave the event with ideas for how to improve your own product range.

Trade show booth strategy

Your success at LabelEXPO Americas will be determined by how well you have executed your trade show booth. Inexperienced companies should take the time to learn a few proven strategies that can tilt the odds of success in your favor. Here are some ideas that can be implemented without much hassle:

  • Branding: One key objective during any trade show should be to increase brand awareness for your company. This can be done by placing your brand logo and name in key areas around over your booth. Evo Exhibits can assist with the graphics and brand execution at your booth during the event.
  • Social Media: Take advantage of social media opportunities. Consider creating a custom hashtag and encouraging people to use it for a special discount on their first order.
  • Informative: It must be clear to attendees what you are offering at your booth. Highlight the positives and what solutions are provided to increase interest level. Information must be laid out in a clear and easy to digest manner. There is much to see at this event and unclear messaging will not help cut through the visual clutter.
  • Free samples: Attendees love receiving free samples, which means you should give away something to visitors. This could be a goodie bag that has some confectionary and product samples combined with a marketing leaflet. This is a great way to generate sales after the event has finished as the leaflet can help explain your offerings.
  • Product demonstrations: Demonstrate your products for customers to see how they work. Visualization is a powerful way of selling in a trade show setting. If it’s applicable, you can allow potential customers to get hands-on and use the products for themselves. This level of engagement can lead to higher rates of conversions.

Implementing the tips above can be a hit or miss process depending on your level of experience. To remove the element of chance, consider hiring the services of a professional partner like Evo Exhibits. We work closely with each of our clients to create a one-of-a-kind trade show booth completely customized to their specific goals and budget.

Event program and details

The LabelEXPO Americas will take place in Chicago at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, September 25-27th.  A Label Awards show will also be held to recognize industry leaders for their role in the marketplace. Here are some notable side-events to check out:

Shrink Sleeve Technology: This is a masterclass that demonstrates shrink sleeve technology performed by seasoned experts. You can learn about the design and pricing challenges with this technology and how to implement it correctly. This five-hour masterclass is presented by Mike Fairley.

Inks, Coatings and Varnishes: This 4.5-hour masterclass can enlighten you about the ink and coating industry. You will learn about what ink components must be used to get desired results and the current legislation relating to the technology.

Automation Arena: Automation is a big part of the label industry, and this side-event has a number of demonstrations you can learn from. Every year, new technologies are presented here that are worth knowing about.


Opting to be one of the trade show exhibits for LabelEXPO gives you access to a large crowd of highly targeted buyers that can lead to a profitable few days. The clients you generate at this event can bring in sales for many years to come.

You can also learn about current developments within the industry and network with other companies to form strategic business relationships. Furthermore, execute the branding right and you can raise awareness for your business within the label industry.

Thinking of attending next year? Let Evo Exhibits help! Get in touch today to learn more.




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