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NACDS Total Store Expo

The National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) holds an annual exhibition perfect for businesses looking to acquire new customers within the industry. Consider attending the NACDS Total Store Expo to meet with potential business partners and gain valuable insights about the industry.

Trade show exhibits for NACDS are uniquely positioned to take advantage of an enthusiastic crowd of buyers. Real decision-makers will be coming to place large orders that can shift the tide for your business.

A well-executed trade show booth is essential for maximum success at the NACDS Total Store Expo. At Evo Exhibits, we can help. Our comprehensive Discover. Create. Connect. process involves identifying your unique needs and creating a custom strategy to best suit your budget and goals.

About the NACDS Total Store Expo

The National Association of Chain Drug Stores includes 40,000 pharmacies and employs nearly 3 million professionals, including 152,000 pharmacists. Attendance at the event allows you to network and meet a variety of professionals within this industry.

The cost of the event is free for retail attendees who are looking to exhibit. Even better, exhibitors can setup prearranged appointments with potential buyers by using the “Meet the Market” program.

The event will also feature a number of activities like speakers, entertainment, and social events to further network with others.

Who Will Attend?

At the NACDS Total Store Expo, you can expect a large portion of the industry to attend. Attendees are generally looking to buy pharmaceutical products and services that can improve the daily running of operations for their businesses.

Attendees want to learn about the latest products and trends, which means your trade show strategy must be efficient and informative. They will also want to get hands-on with your products – this could be in the form of interactive technologies or via product demonstrations.

Various industry professionals are attending so you’ll need to adapt your sales pitch to best match your target customer. Be sure to succinctly highlight your strengths, and attendees will be more swayed to pull the trigger on a purchase.

Who Should Exhibit?

Businesses should exhibit at the NACDS Total Store Expo if they offer products or services in the pharmacy industry. The competition at the expo will be fierce, but play your cards right and you could secure a large slice of the pie.

Companies should also come to take advantage of the educational opportunities to help expand your horizons within the industry. Featured speakers will be presenting that can enlighten the audience about the various trends and developing technologies.

The total retail buying power represented by 300 chains is in the realm of $650 billion. Getting in front of key decision-makers at the event can significantly improve the profitability of your company in just a few short days. You can also increase your brand awareness while at the exhibition. Increased recognition can help increase sales and interest after the exhibition has finished.

Finally, exhibitors can forge strategic business relationships to improve the quality of products that can be offered to your customers. Mutually beneficial business relationships are easier to achieve at an expo due to the number of face-to-face meetings you’re able to generate.

Trade Show Booth Strategies

A lot of your success will hinge the execution of your trade show booth. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when you can make use of some proven strategies to tilt the odds in your favor. Here are some top strategies that must be implemented on your next trade show booth:

  • Branding: The trade show booth should be branded to leave a lasting impression well after the event is over. The brand message and identity must be conveyed to indicate how your company differs from the others. Setting the right first impressions for people who have never heard of you will be one of the primary objectives at the expo.
  • Social Media: Take advantage of social media opportunities. Consider creating a custom hashtag and encouraging people to use it for a special discount on their first order.
  • Informative: The large number of competing exhibits means attendees have a lot to see. Your potential time with individual attendees is short. Therefore, delivering information quickly and accurately is essential.
  • Best products: The trade show booth must be focused around your best offerings. That’s what is going to attract the most attention and spark interest. You can always customize your approach once the lead has learned about your newest offers. Raising awareness for your newest offerings is key.
  • Free Merchandise: Everyone loves swag. Consider giving away free merchandise at your trade show booth to attract attention and ensure your company name is on display throughout the event.

Event Program and Details

The event will take place in Denver, Colorado at the Colorado Convention Center from August 25-27th. A number of side-events can be enjoyed during those dates that should be checked out by attendees and exhibitors including:

  • Featured Speakers: Nearly two dozen featured speakers will be presenting on a wide range of topics. You can learn more about all facets of the industry such as updates to legislation and how to improve business profitability.
  • Entertainment: A number of entertainment based activities will be available where you can enjoy yourself and mingle with the other exhibitors. This is a great time to strike up some deals and network.
  • Membership: While at the expo, you can learn about the benefits of becoming a member and sign up for membership.


Attending the NACDS Total Store Expo is a significant chance to learn more about the industry, generate sales, network among the industry, and stay aware of your competition. The variety of entertainment and featured speakers at the expo adds to the excitement of getting out of the office to do something different and make a difference for your organization.

If you’re looking for trade show exhibits for NACDS, consider partnering with Evo Exhibits. Our professional and experienced team can help you have a successful, stress-free trade show experience! Get in touch today!




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