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Natural Products Expo East

If you operate in the natural products marketplace and are interested in attending a trade show, you’ll feel right at home during the Natural Products Expo East at the Baltimore Convention Center. The wide range of attendees will include serious buyers that are looking to place orders for the right products.

This event will give you a chance to learn about new market trends and what customers are interested in buying. Having the pulse of the marketplace allows you to figure out what future products should be developed to stay competitive.

A well-executed trade show booth allows you to compete with industry leaders at this Baltimore-based trade show. Evo Exhibits can help with all facets of setting up a trade show booth to give it a professional and functional look. We take the time to get to know your company in detail and use that knowledge to create a booth that will pique the interest level of your target customer.

About Natural Expo East

Choosing to be one of the trade show exhibits for Natural Products Expo has various advantages that may only become evident once you attend. The number of categories that feature at this event will be varied, which means you can carve out your own little niche to attract customers.

A long list of exhibitors will attend this event with brand names such as Acai Roots, Alter Eco, Boiron, EO Products, Fuller Foods, Healthy Origins, LifeSeasons, and more. The idea behind the event is to promote the industry as a whole to help companies increase the pool of customers they can sell to.

This event features a number of side activities where you can educate yourself from speakers or mingle with the crowd for networking opportunities. By the end, you’ll be exhausted from the all the business and fun!

Who will attend?

Understanding attendees gives you the best chance of setting up a trade show booth that’s built to impress your target market. Selling at a trade show requires a different approach that is only optimized once you put yourself in the shoes of the attendee.

People attending the Natural Products Expo are seeking innovation and fresh products. It makes sense to release a new product line to reveal at this trade show. You will create a buzz around your booth that will generate interest and sales.

Attendees also enjoy a level of engaging interaction and displays. You could give away free samples to potential customers as a taste of what you are selling. For instance, if you have a new heath drink, make enough samples to last the entire exhibition.

Who should exhibit?

Companies wanting to increase brand recognition and sales should attend the Natural Products Expo. This event can elevate the status of your company and bring it to a new level. A lot of media will be in attendance — covering any new products you are releasing. This helps sell new products that the majority of customers may not know exist.

Keep in mind to have many units on standby for deliveries if required. Attendees typically place small orders at first with new exhibitors to see if they are reliable. Manage to complete the first order on time and you will certainly receive follow up orders.

This event is a great chance to learn about market trends and new technologies that can be utilized to improve your own offerings.

Trade show booth strategy

The success of your visit to the expo will be determined by how well your booth has been organized. It must stand out from other displays and do an excellent job of presenting your products. Here are a few ideas on how to implement your trade show booth for maximum success:

  • Branding: Never miss a chance to present your company brand in anything that you do. The booth must be designed so that the products on display can quickly be linked to your company as a brand. Additionally, the brand identity and message must be conveyed to set the right first impression for the potential customer.
  • Informative: The booth must inform buyers about your featured products in a straightforward manner. With hundreds of exhibitors on the show floor, you are competing for attention, and simplification is a good idea.
  • Social Media: Take advantage of social media opportunities. Consider creating a custom hashtag and encouraging people to use it for a special discount on their first order.
  • Free samples: Attendees at trade shows are open-minded and want to try out new things. They will be looking out for free samples, which means you should create a buzz around your booth by providing them. Invest in free samples for the event and you will earn back the investment, and much more in increased interest from potential buyers.

The trade show booth strategies above are just a few simple ideas to get started with. However, for best chances of success, you need to cover all your bases and Evo Exhibits can help you with that. Our process takes a close look at your company and then formulates a strategy to have the best chance of succeeding during the event.

Event program and details

The Natural Products Expo East will take place in Baltimore at the Baltimore Convention Center, September, 12-15th. There will be a lot to do during the event – take full advantage and soak up the entire expo experience.

Live music will be featured at the event from 6-8pm on Eutaw Street. There will be many guest musicians performing, including the talents of Matisyahu. It’s a great social occasion to enjoy at the end of a long day. You can expect networking opportunities to present themselves as you mingle with the crowd.

29,000 community members, 451 first time exhibitors and 1,500 brands will be showcasing their products. This exhibition is huge, and missing out is not recommended for companies within the natural products marketplace. There is still enough room for new exhibitors, so fill out an application form and start planning!


Opting to be one of the trade show booths for Natural Products Expo is a no-brainer. Access to a highly targeted crowd of specialized buyers means you have the potential to strike up some lucrative new business partnerships. Additionally, you will learn market trends and see what competitors are doing.

Evo Exhibits can help you with all aspects of your trade show booth experience. Get in touch today for help with your next trade show.




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