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Do you have cutting-edge digital based products to sell? Then you’ll feel right at home captaining one of the trade show exhibits for VMWorld, where you’ll meet like-minded professionals revolutionizing the technology and software industry.

The event will feature a number of educational speakers covering the latest breakthroughs and upcoming trends. It’s a great chance to see what’s new and identify future market opportunities for your brand.

At VMWorld, attendees expect to see innovation – your trade show booth is no exception! At Evo Exhibits, we believe in exploring new technology to bring our exhibits to the next level. Whether its LED technology, backlit graphics, or tablet kiosks, our team of experts can help customize your booth to standout in a high-tech environment. Get in touch today to start brainstorming!

About VMWorld

VMWorld is a technology-driven event that focuses on all things digital. The overall goal is to share ideas and help push the industry forward. It creates the infrastructure to network and execute transactions.

It’s estimated that there will be over 23,000 attendees, not to mention industry-leading exhibitors such as Amazon Web Services, Google Chrome Enterprise, HP, IBM, Intel, LG Electronics, and more!

Despite some of the heavy-hitters, VMWorld is about bringing the entirety of the digital community together, regardless of company size or prominence. Attendance is a no-brainer for those looking to elevate the status of their brand and establish credibility for themselves within the industry.

Who will attend?

The event will be attended by various companies looking for digital solutions to solve their problems. Offer something special and you’ll be sure to stand out.

Attendees will also be interested in checking out the latest product offerings. “New” is the name of the game at VMWorld. This is the perfect opportunity to debut the latest and greatest your brand has to offer.

Additionally, a large segment of the crowd will want to see your offerings in action. Create a booth that can provide a hands-on experience or have employees to provide product demonstrations to show off the capabilities of your products.

Who should exhibit?

Companies offering digital products and services should exhibit at VMWorld. For your best chance of success, come with innovative solutions that add something new to the marketplace. Your trade show booth should highlight flagships products and innovations that have never been seen before. This trade show is a great place to unveil new offerings to the marketplace.

The event will provide networking opportunities to help grow your company. Take the time to mingle with the crowd to learn more about what your potential customer are after. Conducting market research at the event can deliver valuable insights about the direction of your brand.

Trade Show Exhibits for VMWorld

The size and design of your trade show booth must be handled with care in a strategic manner. The idea is to draw in the crowd from a distance to check out your offerings in more detail. Here are some tips to ensure you get off to a great start at VMWorld:

  • Be Informative: Attendees should be able to walk away from your booth knowing exactly what your company does and how it can benefit them. By providing a lot of detail in a short period of time, you can convert a casual visitor into a satisfied buyer. With so many things to see at the expo, attendees can become easily overwhelmed. Making a lasting impression can be as simple as perfecting your pitch.
  • Offer Interactivity: At a digital expo, attendees expect some level of interactivity with the technology that’s being offered. Product demonstrations – either user-run or employee-led – are great ways to show off your company’s offerings and draw attention to your booth.
  • Highlight Your Brand: Increased brand recognition is a major benefit of attending any trade show. Be sure your booth wholly represents your brand. Size, color, materials, and graphics all play a major role in creating a holistic brand experience for attendees. This is especially important for newcomers to the event and the industry. When branding is executed correctly, you can generate a large number of residual sales even after the conference has ended.
  • Give Away Merchandise: Giving away free merchandise at the event is a fantastic way to attract attendees to your booth and ensure your brand’s name and logo are seen throughout the conference. Tote bags are always a smart choice – attendees will use them to carry the rest of their swag, and your company’s branding will always stay visible!

These are just a handful of strategies. Looking for more? Get in touch with one of our representatives. At Evo Exhibits, we believe in developing comprehensive trade show strategies based upon our clients’ individual goals.

Event program and details

VMWorld will take place in Las Vegas from August 26th – 30th. Special events include:

VMWorld Sessions: There will be more than 650 sessions to inspire and educate. Leading experts will share their knowledge on leveraging digital services for current and future industry needs.

Social Functions: VMWorld holds a number of social functions with the goal of encouraging networking and community between attendees, exhibitors, speakers, and staff.

Labs and Training: VMWorld offers hand-on labs, live training, and certification opportunities for attendees looking to build their skillsets.


Choosing to be one of the trade show exhibits for VMWorld gives you a number of unique advantages. In just a few short days, you can significantly increase brand recognition and raise awareness for any new product launches, but be sure to go prepared. At Evo Exhibits, we believe a detailed plan of action is crucial to meet necessary goals and get the most value out of any trade show. Contact us today to learn more!




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