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The core purpose of the SNA’s Annual National Conference is to ensure that school kids are well-nourished and ready to succeed with nutritious and enjoyable school meals. The event is perfect for food service companies that operate in the school market and have good quality products to offer. As an exhibitor, come prepared with an informative trade show booth that’s competitive, and be ready to secure large orders from the decision makers in the room. The event will help raise brand awareness within your industry and educate you on what the market trends are. Trade show exhibits for School Nutrition Association ANC require a certain approach that Evo Exhibits can assist you with. You can count on them from their years of experience helping other businesses succeed at trade show exhibitions.

What trade show exhibits for School Nutrition Association ANC need to know:

About SNA’s Annual National Conference

The School Nutrition Association is a non-profit organization made up of more than 58,000 members that deliver meals to schools across the country. Their goal is to provide high quality meals to students so they can succeed at school. The organization’s primary concern is the students’ well-being at school, which means the decisions they make are in the best interest of the student.

Therefore, any products you offer must be inline with their core values to ensure that you can succeed at the Annual National Conference. They are interested in working with professionals that offer products that complement their mission goals. Come prepared with the right foods and you’ll have their backing at the exhibition.

Who will attend?

There will be over 3,500 decision makers that range from food service managers, supervisors, employees, and directors. It’s a highly targeted crowd that is ready to place big orders on the right products.

The attendees will be interested in seeking out high quality food that comes at a competitive price point. Some of the attendees will be experienced professionals that know exactly what they are looking for. Impress these key professionals and you could find yourself securing large orders by the end of the event.

When it comes to food, an array of samples is essential to help persuade the attendees. They come expecting to taste plenty of food to figure out if vendors can provide the quality they demand. It’s a good idea to mingle with the crowd to get a feel of what is trending and where the industry is going. This can help you figure out the right products to bring for the attendees of future exhibitions.

Who should exhibit?

Do you operate in the food industry and have healthy products that are suitable for school children? If so, you should strongly consider attending the event to network and build brand relationships with potential customers. It can be the place where you secure the best ongoing business relationships your company has ever had.

Before attending the event, do some background research on what type of food products school cafeterias are looking for. Understanding the needs of the target market is key to ensuring your exhibit is a success. You may need to alter a few of your offerings to create suitable products.

The SNA’s National Annual Conference is great for businesses that are ready to grow their customer based and have the capacity to fill large orders on the spot. Play your cards right and you may end up servicing the food needs of several schools at a time.

Trade show booth strategy

The way you set up your trade show booth can make or break the success of your visit to the exhibition. Potential buyers will be looking for a number of key indicators that show you are a trustworthy company they can rely on for quality products and a great working relationship. Here are a few ideas on how to create a trade show booth that’s set up for success:

  • Informative: Attendees will come across many trade show booths during the event, which means their attention will be all over the place. Present information in a way that allows potential buyers to quickly figure out the benefits of your products. Have a pitch ready that can convert interested buyers who may have never heard of you before.
  • Samples: To convince buyers that your products are good, you need to provide samples. Create plenty of bite-sized samples that buyers can taste and get a feel of what you have to offer. It makes it easier to convince buyers to pull the trigger when you can let your tasty food do the talking. Be sure to estimate high for the number of samples to bring to prevent from running out in the middle of the event.
  • Interactive: An interactive trade show booth is one that will engage your audience and cause them to stay around for longer than they would otherwise. Perhaps you could come with a few cooks that can prepare the meals live at the trade show booth. This illustrates how the food is made and that the quality can be trusted.

Creating a trade show booth that makes an impact at the conference does have an element of luck if you’ve never done it before. Experience is key, and Evo Exhibits can help you create the kind of booth that specifically meets the needs of the target audience. Their understanding of how to create your booth can make all the difference at the exhibition.

Event program and details

SNA’s Annual National Conference ANC will be held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas from July 10-12th, 2018. There are a number of services to help exhibitors make the most of the event such as the “Exhibitor Marketing Center” and “Exhibitor Services.” Here are some of the different programs to check out during the conference:

Back to the Basics – Marketing 101: Marketing is a vital aspect of any business and brushing up on your skills is a worthwhile way to spend your time. Speakers Stefanie Dove and Kristen Lee will be attending the event – it’s a fast paced workshop that adds value to any exhibitor.

SNA’s Red Carpet Awards Ceremony: Members of the SNA will be recognized at this award show for their contributions. Awards such as Director of the Year and Industry Member of the Year will be given out.

Closing event concert: The event ends on an exciting note as Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil will put on a show. The mix of acrobatics, showmanship, and music will be combined for an exhibition finale to remember.


SNA’s Annual National Conference is the place to be for food service businesses looking to expand their sales portfolio. Getting face-to-face with potential buyers gives you a unique opportunity to increase your sales and develop lasting business relationships.

Making the choice to be one of the trade show exhibits for School Nutrition Association ANC will improve your brand within the food service industry and give you a chance to see what the competitors are up to. This helps figure out the market trends in the industry you need to be taking advantage of.

To ensure the trade show booth is a success, you need the help of professionals. That’s where Evo Exhibits comes in. They can help with all aspects of the exhibition such as the logistics, marketing, and setting up an attractive looking trade show booth.




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