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University of California, Berkeley’s Anime Club of 1991 started what was known as Anime Con, which is now established as Anime Expo. The growth over the years has been huge, with more attendees coming every year to see what exhibitors have to offer. Fans from around the world gather at the Anime Expo to share their passion for Japanese culture. The trade show exhibits for Anime Expo represent industry leading offerings that are trending right now. You can be a part of the fun and make a profit at the event with the right merchandise. To help you get started, Evo Exhibits is available to help you create a trade show booth that anime fans will love to explore. Their expertise is unmatched when it comes to creating successful trade shows for all types of businesses.

What Trade show exhibits for anime expo can expect

About Anime Expo

At the Anime Expo, you can expect a variety of product types to be featured, which means there is something for everyone. Among the selection are video games, fashion, comics, music, and Japanese entertainment. Every year, the buzz surrounding the expo creates a feeding-frenzy of attendees purchasing products from the exhibitors.

The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation is the organizer of the Anime Expo. As a non-profit organization, their aim is to spread Japanese culture around the world.

Who will attend?

The attendees of this event are very passionate about coming to see what’s on display. They love Japanese culture and can’t get enough of it. Therefore, you don’t need to do too much selling on your side. By simply having the right merchandise at competitive prices, you should generate a good level of interest.

Bringing industry-related products can help you take advantage of the large pool of highly-targeted buyers. You won’t find this many interested individuals under one roof anywhere else. Therefore, bring enough stock to accommodate the potentially huge numbers of sales you may generate.

For best results, allow for interactivity with your trade show booth. For example, if you are selling video games, have a few consoles setup to allow fans to try games out. Attendees love the chance to be hands-on and experience different products. When attendees see people enjoying your booth, it will attract others to come over and try it out for themselves.

Who should exhibit?

The Anime Expo has a rich history and tradition. Take some time to check out the list of exhibitors and event programs of the past to see what takes place. From this, you can figure out what exhibitors will be relevant at the Anime Expo.

Businesses that are offering Japanese games, fashion, comics, and music should definitely attend the event. It helps if you can bring your unique offerings to the event to stand out from the competitors. You know your industry best, so consider what other types of products this particular target audience would enjoy.

A variety of merchandise such as t-shirts, costumes, and posters can be created, which means you can bring something unique that attendees will want to take home with them. It doesn’t matter if you are a newcomer or an established brand in the businesses, bring something fans are passionate about and they will buy it.

Trade Show Booth Strategy

At the trade show event, your booth will set you apart from the competition. The Anime Expo is known for bright colors, interactivity, and excitement. Create your trade show booth with these vital ingredients in mind and you’ll have a great chance of capturing the audience. Here are some suggestions on how to make the most of the Anime Expo with an attractive trade show booth:

  • Eye-catching: Attendees should notice your trade show booth from a distance. For example, you could use huge cardboard figurines related to the products you’re selling. People will flock next to these in order to take a picture. Or make a deal with a popular cosplayer to sign photos at your booth. This gives you a chance to convert the potential lead into a buying customer. Be as bold as you can and you’ll reap the rewards.
  • Interactivity: When attendees come to the Anime Expo, they expect a number of interactive trade show booths to be available. If you’re selling music, have a few headsets available that can be used to sample the tunes. Board games are also popular at the event, and you can provide a seating area where attendees can play. Creating a trade show booth that’s fun and engaging will lead to more sales.
  • New products: The centerpiece of your tradeshow booth should be something new that wasn’t available from any exhibitor in last year’s event. While the industry celebrates tradition, it is constantly developing, and there are so many new products developed every year. To compete with the other trade show booths, you’ll need to be offering something that can’t be bought elsewhere.

Creating a trade show booth that makes a big impact can be left to the professionals by hiring Evo Exhibits. They have handled exhibitions for a wide array of businesses and can do the same for you. The combination of attracting the right attendees for your products and converting the sale can be hard – especially if it’s your first time at the event. Leveraging the expertise of Evo Exhibits can lead to a great trade show event ROI.

Event Program and Details

The Anime Expo will take place in downtown Los Angeles July 5-8th. There will be over 800 hours worth of activities crammed into 4.5 days. Here are some of the events to expect:

Signature events: During previous years, some of the events were such big hits with the crowds that they have now become signature events. For example, Knights of the Blood Oath is back due to popular demand.

Performances: There are plenty of things to spectate at the Anime Expo. Various performers will be available to give you a taste of Japanese culture in the most authentic and exciting way. You can expect Butler Cafes or be mesmerized by the Masquerade.

Contests: There will be plenty of contests at the Anime Expo to engage the fans in friendly competition. It creates a real buzz that gets people talking and taking note of the winners.

Lounges: A number of strategic points around the facilities will be created as “lounges” that are themed around various aspects of the event. This allows like-minded individuals to gather and exchange ideas about their passion.


For the right type of business, the Anime Expo can be a lucrative event that presents the opportunity to greatly increase brand awareness and generate sales. To get the job done, a professional-looking trade show booth must be created. Evo Exhibits can help as they have the experience to guide you to the right strategic decisions. They can also help with the marketing and logistics to give you the freedom to focus on other business-related tasks.

Choosing to have one of the trade show exhibits for Anime Expo puts you in a class of industry leaders that are proactive about capturing their audience in a hands-on manner. All the excitement at the event is a delight to witness, regardless if you are there to buy or sell.




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