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Houston is the most populous city in the state of Texas and is one of the major commerce hubs in the U.S. At some of the biggest trade shows in Houston, you can expect a steady flow of potential customers that are ready to buy from you on the spot. It’s your job to take advantage of the traffic by creating a compelling trade show booth.

Do you lack the experience to create a professional trade show booth? Then Evo Exhibits can help you with all facets of making a visit to one of the major trade shows in Houston. To help you decide on the perfect event to attend, here is a list of the top events that are worth paying attention to:

Texas Contemporary

Contemporary art vendors will love the Houston exhibitions where 65 exhibitors will gather to showcase their best offerings. You too can become one of the exhibitors and bring your art to the public eye in a big way. A large number of art enthusiasts and buyers alike will be in attendance to potentially pull the trigger on a purchase.

You can draw inspiration for future projects from other artists and even collaborate to form partnerships. A lot of like-minded individuals will be attending the exhibition so if you’re an art lover, it will feel less like work and more like play.

The Ultimate’s Women’s EXPO

Are women your target market? Then head over to the Ultimate’s Women’s EXPO where you can draw in crowds to your booth and sell large quantities of your product. The event is popular all around the country in other big cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

The scope of the event is huge as a number of product categories are on display such as beauty products, DIY art and home goods, financial services, haircare, and a whole lot more. Speakers attend to educate women on a number of new technologies, and celebrities make an appearance too. There is a real buzz around the event that gets women in that buyer’s mentality.

Therefore, having an attractive trade show booth is important and Evo Exhibits can help you with that. They have plenty of experience with creating highly attractive trade shows booths that stands out amongst the crowd. This event is typically hosted at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

Texas Home & Garden

Business owners that operate in the home & garden industry should make a visit to the Texas Home & Garden exhibition at the NRG Center. The facilities there are huge, allowing plenty of room to bring your products and host a spacious booth.

The event is typically flooded with attendees looking to upgrade their homes or simply give it a fresh new look. With the right approach, you can bring a few ideas that strike the right note with your target market. This event runs twice per year, in June and September, and has been around for almost 40 years.

At the show, the idea is to provide remodeling and money savings tips, and then insert your products where applicable in the sales pitch. If you manage to come across as an authority, then you will capture the respect of your target market and the sales will flood in.

Design & Manufacturing Texas 2019

At the NRG Center, you can attend an exhibition aimed at the design & manufacturing industry. UBM is hosting the event, which they have plenty of experience with. The comprehensive array of new technologies and industry leading products is breathtaking. By setting up a booth at this trade show, you will be amongst great company in your industry.

The number of professional buyers looking to forge new partnerships with manufacturing companies that can grow their brand is noteworthy. You can strike up enough new business at this event to generate a steady flow of orders. However, you must execute the trade show booth correctly, and Evo Exhibits can assist you with that.

The range of different sectors that will be hosted at the event include CAD/CAE/CAM software, 3D printing, contract manufacturing, laser machines, R&D testing equipment, rapid prototyping, and DMM’s/CMM’s. Companies that operate in this space are strongly advised to invest in attending the Design & Manufacturing Expo in Houston.

World of Asphalt

At the World of Asphalt expo, you can expect a bunch of vendors related to the Highway Maintenance & Traffic Safety industries. Plenty of educational programs will be running to share ideas regarding new developments in this sector.

Companies that sell equipment in this sector will enjoy the highly targeted attendees that might be looking to buy a fleet of equipment at the event. With a professional looking trade show booth, you can impress and get enough new orders to make the trip worthwhile. While at the event, take the time to research your competition to see what they are up to.

Up to 450 leading industry manufacturers are expected to attend the exhibition. A rotating location show, when in Houston, it’s at the George R. Brown Convention Center. The event won the “Fastest 50” trade show award for being recognized as the fastest growing event from year to year. In 2021, it’s scheduled for Atlanta, GA.

While at the event, you can learn more about what technologies your company should be looking at in the future. By taking advantage of the industry leading speakers at the event, you can get ahead of the curve and gain a better understanding of what will be in demand over the next few years.

Imprinted Sportswear Show

At the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, the decorative apparel trade show will be a lucrative opportunity to generate a lot of sales. Bring your products and services via an attractive looking booth and watch the interest unfold.

The attendees at the exhibition will have true buying power on the day, which means if you play your cards right, a lot of sales can be generated. A variety of clothing-related technologies will be displayed and you can be part of the fun.

However, to generate a healthy profit margin the quality of your booth must be exceptional – after all, most of your competitors will likely be in attendance too. Evo Exhibits can help you manage all aspects of logistics, marketing, and setting up the booth so there are no hiccups on the big day. It’s a perfect event for established companies and new businesses alike.


The biggest trade shows in Houston above are just some of what’s available. In any given industry, there is a lot happening in the Texas capital that can be highly beneficial for your business. Setting up a trade show booth at a targeted event can bring in a flood of new sales, increase brand awareness and help with competitive analysis.

For maximum potential of success, Evo Exhibits is a great partner to have on your side. We have the expertise to make the entire trip a smooth process and increase your chances of hitting target sales numbers. Choose your next trade show strategically and it could lead to bigger and better things for your company.




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