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Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and has a number of excellent trade shows every year that are worth attending. The biggest trade shows in Phoenix have the potential to be a game changer for your business if you’re willing to invest time and resources.

However, without the right approach, you may struggle to create the kind of booth that attracts big crowds. Evo Exhibits has plenty of experience in this area ­(and we can help with the logistics and marketing too!).

In this article you’ll find some of the top trade shows in Phoenix that are worth paying attention to.


This exhibition is aimed at businesses that in the craft industry. A number of buyers and hobbyists will be attending the event to educate themselves on new technologies and buy from industry-leading vendors.

The event is held at the Phoenix Convention Center and is typically in January. For companies that have products in the creative space, this convention is a must-attend event. However, to get the most of your time there, you must create an attractive looking trade show booth. This is especially true at an exhibition focused around creativity. Evo’s team of designers and engineers are experts at completely custom and truly unique booth design. Contact us today to start brainstorming!

At the event you can connect with a number of individuals, which includes entrepreneurs, media reps, bloggers, marketers, designers, suppliers and buyers. Forging new strategic connections can move your business in the right direction. Just keep an open mind at the event and make the effort to socialize with as many attendees and exhibitors as possible.

ISPA Conference & Expo

Of the more exciting events of the year in the spa industry is the ISPA Conference & Expo. It’s located at the Phoenix Convention Center and has the potential to drum up a lot of new business for your company. Attendees will be in buy mode, but they expect to see cutting-edge products on display. Come with your best spa products and take advantage of the buying power that will be available during the event.

Be sure to check out your competition while you’re there. This allows you to figure out how competitive you are in the marketplace and what strategies industry leaders are using to attract their loyal flock of customers.

It’s wise to take time at the event to do market research as well. Finding out what customers want from a spa experience is key to your overall success.

Small Business Expo

Do you have a product or service that you’d like to sell to small business owners? Then this conference can be a goldmine. Every year, nearly 5,000 registered business owners attend the expo to look for help with the running of their business. A wide range of entities will be in attendance, from new businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Plenty of decision makers and buyers will be in attendance, so this event is not one to miss! With a highly optimized sales pitch, you can convert leads on the spot and possibly acquire a comprehensive array of new customers for life. If you don’t manage to generate much in the way of sales, then focus on email capture to have the opportunity to sell down the line.

You can also learn about what businesses need to succeed in their industries, which should help you create better products and services moving forward. Make an offer that’s too good to pass up and watch the sales roll in.

Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributers Assn – STAFDA

This exhibition focuses on all types of power tools and relevant accessories in the construction industry. If you operate in this space in Phoenix, this a great opportunity to promote your brand and gain a better understanding of your competition.

The event will be held at the Phoenix Convention Center, which is a stellar facility. For this event, we recommend a vibrant and highly interactive trade show booth. Trade professionals may want to try out the power tools first-hand before making an order, so consider a framework customized for that purpose. Safety is a huge priority here, so be sure to partner with an experienced trade show partner to help guide your process. At Evo Exhibits, we start the conversation with our Discovery Meeting to ensure all your needs are being met from Day 1.

International Test Conference

This exhibition is all about improving electronics testing equipment and features an impressive array of new technologies each year, including functional & software based tests, DFT architectures, diagnostics, memory & 3D tests, test standards, benchmarks, test methodology, test analytics, yield learning, analogue & mixed-signal tests, system tests, hardware security, automotive & IoT, and artificial intelligence.

If you have products in any of the industries above, then attending this event is a strategic choice. Come equipped with innovative solutions to common industry-related problems and you’ll generate a lot of interest around your trade show both.


As you can see, Phoenix has some noteworthy exhibitions throughout the year and the majority are held at the Phoenix Convention Center. It’s a great facility that can handle a lot of attendees looking to buy from exhibitors. A successful visit at large exhibitions can help increase your market share, bring in a lot of sales, and forge new partnerships.




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