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Los Angeles is one of the most exciting cities in the world with some of the best trade shows across a variety of industries. The large population of the city and industry-leading facilities means there are plenty of opportunities for companies to showcase their product range. Evo Exhibits can help you create an effective trade show booth that will attract a flood of new customers.

In this article you’ll discover the largest trade show exhibitions in Los Angeles that are worth paying attention to. Take a look through this list and select the exhibitions that match your company profile. Consider attending as many as you can to elevate the status of your company within your industry.

Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo

Creativity, inspiration, and passion combine at this trade show exhibition among the 450 industry leading vendors. Over 9,000 people attend each year to digest the rich variety of menus and experience the latest trends in the food industry.

At this trade show, vendors typically organize special events to coincide with their unique exhibit designs, which means you’ll need to bring something special to your booth. Evo Exhibits can help give your booth that something extra that helps it stand out among fierce competition. If you operate in the food industry and have something new to bring to the table, then do so at the Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo.

E3 – Electronic Entertainment

One of the biggest events of the year for the gaming industry is E3, where a variety of upcoming games and new technologies are showcased. People travel from all over the world to be at this event, which means you have a good opportunity to capture the audience with your products.

At the event, attendees expect to try out all the new products that are on offer. Therefore, interactivity is key to a successful trade show booth. One of the biggest gripes attendees tend to have is when new technology malfunctions at the booth. Therefore, ensure you test all your equipment before the flood gates open. A successful outing at E3 has the potential to increase the hype of any upcoming products you might have.


The Professional Beauty Association hosts ISSE (International Salon and Spa Expo) that allows attendees to learn more about the beauty industry. It’s an event that’s suitable for professionals and amateurs alike that are interested in the latest trends and new technologies in the beauty industry.

Furthermore, a number of competitions are held such as the NailPro Nail Competition and Barber Brawl. This attracts a lot of attention and ads to the buzz of the exhibition.

If you operate in the beauty industry, then invest in a trade show booth to let your customer base know what products you have in the pipeline. Have a number of samples and employees that can help apply makeup on the spot. Impress one of your potential customers on the day and you may have a new customer for life.

Anime Expo

With over 100,000 fans attending to see the best of the anime industry, there is plenty of opportunity for the right companies. The event is known for manga, anime, models and figures, cosplay goods, music, games, Japanese fashion, and more.

Our team at Evo Exhibits has worked with several companies that attend this show, including Viz Media with whom we created a massive 30×40 booth at Anime Expo, featuring 3D signage, backlit graphics, product displays, and a meeting room!

Like Viz Media, you’ll need to create a compelling booth for fans to take notice – especially, if you’re a newcomer to the industry. Evo Exhibits can help you take a big leap in your industry by assisting with the logistics and design of the trade show booth.

The hardcore fans of the industry will be attending and those individuals can form the bulk of your loyal customer base. Impress those fans and you can get a lot of traction in this industry. Be prepared with a lot of material to hand out so that fans have something to take home with them.

Franchise Expo West

Companies with franchise opportunities can come to the Franchise Expo West to generate interest in their offer. A diverse range of entrepreneurs attend to look for franchises they could become a part of. If you’re looking to grow as a company in a sustainable fashion, then this exhibition is the place to be. Typically, there are in excess of 200 proven franchise opportunities and 60 seminars that allow entrepreneurs to make a success of the business.

A number of smart and hungry individuals attend to hunt for opportunities, so if you’re looking for the right type of candidates for your offer, this expo is the place to find them. To create an attractive proposition for the attendees, present as much of the important information as you can in a way that can be quickly understood. A few knowledgeable employees combined with supporting material like brochures can help attendees take interest in your franchise.

GSMA – Mobile World Congress Americas

This exhibition combines over 1,000 companies and 25,000 professionals to show off the future of the mobile industry. Everything from mobile ecosystems to media and consumer entertainment is available at the event. For mobile based companies, attending the event is a no-brainer that can increase your brand recognition in the industry. You can also familiarize yourself with the key players to find out what the competition is up to. Likewise, alliances can be forged with partners that can help deliver a better service to your customers.

There is plenty of media attention at the event with up to 300 outlets, which means getting the word out about your new products is going to be easy. Evo Exhibits can help create the right type of image at your booth to attract media attention.


This exhibition is manufacturing’s biggest event of the year where the top vendors gather to showcase their new processes, technologies and products. The scope of the event is huge as a number of different sectors are represented, including 3D printing and engineering, digital, software, waterjet, design, metrology, and machining. The event is hosted at the Long Beach Convention Center, which is an excellent facility that welcomes a number of key speakers from across the industry.

Do you operate in the manufacturing industry? Then become part of an exclusive group by signing up to be part of the Westec exhibition. The opportunities to rub shoulders with potential partners and a long list of customers means you can elevate the status of your company. Play your cards right and the event can unlock a number of new opportunities.


All the largest trade show exhibitions in Los Angeles on this list present a wealth of opportunities for the right businesses. However, without experience it can be difficult to figure out how to approach the event so that the visit is a success.

That’s where Evo Exhibits comes in. We have the expertise to help with everything from logistics and marketing to custom booth design. Get in touch today!




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