Creating Your Exhibit is Simple

Evo Exhibits is a full-service provider of trade show exhibits, booths & displays for virtually any size trade show space. If you know your booth size or desired exhibit type, click through the categories below for examples. You can also schedule a free Discovery meeting with an Evo Exhibits representative.

Discovery meetings are a free and easy way to align goals, set expectations and move toward solutions that are on brand, on budget, and on time.

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Thinking about a custom trade show exhibit?

A “custom” trade show booth is designed and built to fit your specific needs. Often, it can be built from a combination of unique wood panels and modular, extruded aluminum frames.

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Small exhibits can still pack a big punch and get you noticed on the show floor! See the latest in design and features of these 10' x 10' display booths, sortable by difficulty of assembly with no-tools, one tool, or labor required.


Our vast gallery of 10x20 trade show displays showcase high-end designs of portable, modular and custom displays. Using the latest in design features, these 20' inline displays will command attention on the show floor.

Larger Inline

These linear giants are larger than 200 square feet, providing a bigger floor plan to showcase your brand. Draw attention to your space using the latest in trade show exhibit systems.


There's nothing subtle about a 20x20 island exhibit when designed right. Our creative designers maximize the use of 400 sq. ft to each edge and branding above. An island gives you the freedom to create presentation areas, meeting rooms, casual lounges, and multiple workstations. Many re-configure to 10x10 and 10x20 displays for more versatility.


With 600 square feet of exhibit space, these sleek trade show exhibits will provide a lasting impression. Using the latest in design features, our exhibits will look like a brand new customized exhibit. Our creative team blends the latest in modular systems with custom components for a fresh new look.

Larger Islands

Exhibits greater than 20x30 are the big daddy of the show hall. Our designs blend the use of cost-effective modular systems, and custom components of cabinetry and laminates to provide you with a truly one of a kind exhibit.

Double Decks

Create the ultimate trade show experience with a deck. Our high tech decks are created by trade show people for trade shows. Smarter designs mean less weight, easier builds, and plug-in accessories.

Used Exhibits

All our used displays are in very good condition. These could be a great find when the display and accessories match what you looking for. Let us print all your new branded graphics and stage prior to shipping to your event.