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AACC / Clinical Lab Expo

Do you operate in the laboratory medicine industry and are looking for a venue to showcase your products? Consider attending the 70th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo. The event gathers all manner of professionals from the healthcare industry where they can invest in new technologies to increase the quality of health care. At the exhibition you’ll have the chance to introduce new products to the marketplace and increase the brand awareness of your company. There will also be a variety of presentations and educational sessions where you can learn more about what’s happening in the laboratory medicine industry. A trade show booth built for success will make all the difference at the exhibition. Trade show exhibits for AACC need to be attractive and clearly highlight the key features of the product. Evo Exhibits can help as they have assisted companies across many industries to enjoy a successful trade show visit.

About AACC

The AACC has the key objectives of promoting laboratory medicine and providing an infrastructure where those in the industry can flourish. They help publish research and discoveries in the field to help promote knowledge within the community and beyond. The main 5 areas that the AACC focuses on include:

  • Member Community
  • Science & Innovation
  • Content & Education
  • Advocacy & Influence
  • Resources & Capacity

With over 70 years of history, the AACC has proven excellence. They are an organization that can be trusted to provide a venue that’s going to generate a lot of forward momentum for the laboratory medicine industry.

Who will attend?

Laboratory medicine has a wide spectrum, which means all manner of professionals in the health care industry will be in attendance. The specific interest you’ll generate depends on the type of equipment you’re offering. Attendees expect to see industry leading technologies that can provide additional benefits to the equipment they already have. Any new technologies that are showcased should be explained succinctly so that attendees can quickly figure out what they are looking at. There will be many trade show booths at the exhibition, which means clarity and the speed of your pitch will play a big role in increasing the conversion rate. Key decision makers will be attending that can influence their organizations to invest in your products. These are the key individuals that you’ll want to focus on for sales targets to be reached. Put on a trade show booth that’s attractive and engaging, and the right members of the audience will come in for a closer look.

Who should exhibit?

The exhibition is a great opportunity to elevate your company by selling, networking and learning about the industry. You should exhibit if you sell products or services in the laboratory medicine field. The industry supports health care professionals from a wide variety of health care types, which means the selection at the event will be comprehensive. Exhibiting allows you to network with other vendors and forge mutually beneficial business relationships. The end result will be a better end product to your customers. You can also take a look at what other exhibitors are doing to develop their products. It enables you to spot market trends that will help push the boundaries of your own product range. Consider exhibiting if you are feeling stagnant in the monotony of daily business operations – doing something different can give you new found energy to improve the business. The visit to the exhibition might open your mind towards unique possibilities for your company.

Trade show booth strategy

You must focus on the trade show booth strategy to be competitive and draw in the customers to generate sales. Newcomers to trades shows make common mistakes that can be avoided with some direction. With that thought in mind, here are some of the top ideas to consider for your trade show booth:

  • Branding: The trade show booth must be branded to leave a lasting impression well after the exhibition has finished. The idea is to create sales during the exhibition and also ones that trickle in long after. Blast your company logo and name all over the place to leave no doubt who the booth belongs to. Even if you have to spend money giving out samples to increase the brand awareness – it can be worth it in the long run.
  • Clear demonstrations: New products to the marketplace can be confusing for the customer to comprehend at a glance. They might have a short amount of time to spend on each booth. So prepare effective yet fast product demonstrations. Convey the benefits of the products and how they can be add value to the health care that’s provided to patients.
  • Eye-catching: The trade show booth should catch the eye of attendees from a distance away. Be as bold as you can to stand out from the other trade show booths. The competition will be fierce, which means you must come with an original design.
  • Flagship products: It sounds like a no-brainer, but the trade show booth must highlight your best products. Checking out new technologies and flagship products is why attendees have made the effort to visit the exhibition. Reward them with your best offerings.

Creating a trade show booth that is built to impress can take some trial and error. However, if you want to get it right at your next exhibition, then consider investing in the services of Evo Exhibits. Their experience and attention to detail can setup your trade show booth for maximum impact. Furthermore, they can assist with other aspects of the exhibition like logistics and marketing.

Event Program and details

The AACC/Clinical Lab Expo will take place in Chicago at McCormick Place, July 29th to August 2nd. A number of different events can be enjoyed during the days of the exhibition, including:

  • Product showcase: This allows you to find out what new products have been added to the industry recently. The new products can be viewed online, using interactive technologies and via print.
  • Lecture Series Theater: 20 minute presentations are given to introduce you to new products and technologies. The venue for these lectures are inside the exhibit hall, which means you don’t need to go far in order to find out what’s on offer.
  • Workshops: The workshops are broken up in 60 minute sessions and they educate on the various interesting topics of laboratory medicine. In total 10 presentations will be given throughout the course of the exhibition.


Trade show exhibits for AACC are uniquely positioned to secure a good dose of new clients in a relatively short period of time. It can help a company meet yearly financial goals and other key business objectives. Mingle with the crowd to find out more about what your customers need and how competitors are succeeding at the exhibition. Evo Exhibits has a wealth of experience creating a successful trade show booth. Investing in their services will yield better results and help increase brand awareness. You’ll have a stress-free time and have the freedom to enjoy the more interesting aspects of the event.




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