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Are you in the restaurant business and are looking for new ways to drum up customers, learn more about your industry and network? Then consider attending the Texas Restaurant Association – TRA Marketplace. It’s the biggest of its kind in the South West and you can expect it to be a spectacle to remember.

Attending the event gives you the chance to learn market trends, which in turn helps figure out the right direction to take for your business. You can network with manufacturers, suppliers and other restaurants to gain strategic advantages. Working with the industry rather than against it may prove to be the best business decision you ever made.

Evo Exhibits is a premier service that helps businesses be successful at a trade show. For the inexperienced among you taking advantage of their services can help tilt the odds of success in your favor. They can help with the entire process, which includes setting up your trade show booth to look attractive, logistics and marketing to let customers know you’ll be attending.

About TRA Marketplace

It’s the 80th year for the TRA Marketplace and expect over 500 exhibitors to attend that will show off a wide variety, which includes kitchen equipment, supplies, mobile technology, security, beverages, food and a whole lot more. The comprehensive array of offerings means there is something for everyone.

The idea behind the event is to bring all sorts of professionals from the restaurant industry under one roof to mingle and form new business relationships. Furthermore, the variety of educational talks helps push the understanding of the industry forward.

Texas is one of the fastest growing markets when it comes to restaurants, which means the TRA Marketplace is a noteworthy event to circle on your calendar.

Who will attend?

Attending the TRA Marketplace will be a mixture of industry professionals looking to network and place orders, but there will also be casual attendees not serious about buying. It’s your job to figure out which attendees are worth targeting with a sales pitch that can prove to be lucrative.

Attendees will want to see something original or brand new at the event – after all, exhibitions are about pushing the industry forward. Therefore, bring your best stuff to compete against the other vendors. The attendees you’ll want to target for big orders will have expert-level industry knowledge. Therefore, you must come prepared with your best pitch to have a chance at a healthy conversion rate.

Who should exhibit?

Companies that have products in the restaurant industry should make the effort to exhibit at the TRA Marketplace. This includes kitchen equipment, food and services that can help restaurants delivery a better experience to their customers.

You must come prepared with a trade show booth that is ready to accept new orders and execute right away. New clients will test exhibitors by placing small orders to figure out the quality and reliability. Position yourself to deliver the first order on time and you’ll get off on the right foot with new clients.

You should also exhibit if you want to learn more about what market trends are occurring. It’s important to stay ahead of the curve by noticing what customer will want in the future before your competitors. Meeting customers face to face may give you the insight needed to figure out what direction your company should take in the coming years.

Strategic Trade Show Exhibits for TRA Marketplace

A lot hinges on the execution of your trade show booth, which means you need to consider the strategies that can help beat the competition. Here are some proven strategies that can be utilized to create a trade show booth that’s just too irresistible to walk by:

  • Interactivity: Allowing attendees to inspect your products first-hand gives them a good understanding of what you’re offering. They can inspect the features they are looking for, which means they will have more information to pull the trigger on a purchase. Also have staff ready to give demonstrations of how your products operate. For example, when selling kitchen equipment, put it in action by preparing some food. Allowing customers to visualize the product in use is a powerful sales strategy that works.
  • Branding: To leave a lasting impact with your audience, branding should be one of the key objectives at the TRA Marketplace. Branding is a way of setting yourself apart from the competition, and this event is the perfect platform to improve your brand visibility. The company logo and name should be displayed all over the booth so that it’s evident what company attendees are looking at.
  • Technology: Incorporate modern technology to provide attendees a way of interacting that educates on the benefits of your products. The combination of video, touchscreen panels and virtual reality can be utilized to give your trade show booth an edge.
  • Cutting edge products: Your booth should show off the newest products available. You can still sell your entire list of products by making suggestions based on what needs the attendee has expressed. However, the big crowds will be drawn by industry leading offerings not found elsewhere.

A successful trade show booth requires a lot of creativity to be unique and Evo Exhibits can help. Their expertise allows for the creation of a professional looking trade show booth. They have worked with countless businesses across a variety of industries with a great deal of success.

Event programme and details

The TRA Marketplace will be held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, July 15-16th. There is a lot more on offer than simply business. Here are some speciality areas to keep in mind during the event:

Craft beverage garden: At the beverage garden you’ll enjoy a wide array of craft beers and liquors from the best breweries in Texas. However, there is something for everyone as you’ll also find fruit drinks and slushies too.

New product showcase: This area is reserved for new products never seen before. Take a look at this area to see where the market is heading and you never know – something might catch your eye. The new offerings are always interesting to see what the competition is up to.

Culinary innovation station: The culinary area is great for getting new ideas and enjoying food that can leave your stomach satisfied, and your mind hungry for more. The variety and ingenuity at the station is a crowd pleaser that goes down well every year.


Opting to join the trade show exhibits for TRA Marketplace gives you a unique chance to make a big impact in just a few days, and increase brand awareness among your customer base. You’ll also notice new market trends and see what the competition is doing to win over customers.

A successful visit to the TRA Marketplace can be hard to achieve if you’ve never been to a trade show before. Consider investing in the services of Evo Exhibits to get the help that’s needed to ensure success. They can take care of the little details so you can spend more time enjoying the process of the event.

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