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American Podiatric Medical Association – APMA

Do you have products or services that can help practitioners in the podiatric industry? Then you should exhibit at the American Podiatric Medical Association event where there will plenty of buyers for your offerings. It is the biggest event of its kind where a concentration of members from the APMA attends to look for new products.

Trade show exhibits for APMA can generate a lot of sales, increase brand awareness and learn more about new industry trends. Taking part will give you a way of networking with potential strategic business partners that can prove to be fruitful down the line.

A well designed trade show booth is required to ensure success at the event. Evo Exhibits can help with various aspects of the trade show to make your life easier. They can design, build, setup and dismantle your trade show booth, and handle all of the logistics leading up to the exhibition.

About the American Podiatric Medical Association

The APMA was founded in 1912 and their headquarters are in Bethesda, Maryland. They are the industry leading resource and hub of information for foot and ankle health. They represent the overwhelming majority of 18,000 podiatrists across the country and have over 53 nodes that provide support.

Their mission involves advancing the information, understanding and technologies regarding foot and ankle heath. The staff of around 60 that work at the APMA assist members in their duty to provide the best health care to their patients.

Members of the APMA are licensed to offer podiatric services in the state in which they practice, and they need to follow strict code of ethical protocols. They are incentivized to become members as they get access to a network of support they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Who will attend?

Attending the APMA will be a variety of industry professionals that are looking for information, products and services that can aid them to improve the quality of health care that’s provided to their patients. Position yourself to help the attending podiatrists and you’ll be successful. You need to do a good job of explaining how you can help and why they should pick you over the competition.

Attendees at the event are looking for brand new technologies that provide additional advantages over what’s already available. Therefore, to ensure you are successful as an exhibitor, bring your best stuff. Cutting edge technology typically gets the most attention at events of this nature.

Decision makers looking to place big orders and initiate new business relationships will be attending. Do your best to impress these individuals for a chance to attract a lot of new business for your company.

Who should exhibit?

Exhibitors must have something to offer podiatrists that enable them to improve the quality of foot and ankle health care. This might be medical equipment or software that comes with added benefits never seen before. Technology should always push industry boundaries to improve health care, and your offerings must embody this thought.

You must have the capacity to delivery new orders soon after the exhibition to get off on the right foot with new clients. It’s not uncommon for clients to place small initial orders to inspect the quality and reliability of a new partner. Therefore, you should have products waiting on standby for delivery before attending the exhibition.

The event is also a good opportunity to find out developing technologies that might be a game changer in the coming years. Consider attending the informative presentations to learn more about what direction your company should be taking in the coming years.

Trade show booth strategy

You trade show booth must be built for success if you are to meet your sales targets at the exhibition. There will be plenty of competition and attendees will be drawn in a number of different directions at the same time. You have to give them a reason to check out your booth so that you have an opportunity to convert the footfall. Here are some trade show booth strategy ideas to consider:

  • Hands-on display: Don’t put your equipment samples behind a piece of glass – attendees have not come to a museum. They want to buy products, and inspection first-hand will be desired. Allow all products to be accessible and even have staff that can provide a demonstration of how they work. A hands-on display will draw in the crowds and that leads to more opportunities to sell.
  • Branding: The booth must do a great job of showing your brand in a way that’s going to be memorable. Ideally, the attendee should be able to figure out your brand message just by glancing at the booth. Splash your brand logo and name all over the place so that it sticks in the minds of the audience. This increases the chance that they will recognize you via other portals such as online social media or PPC advertising after the show is over.
  • New products: You may have a limited amount of space to work with, which means selecting what products to showcase is key. Go with your flagship products and services that are the most popular among your loyal customers. However, it’s equally important to include new products the marketplace has never seen before. Most attendees expect to see new ideas at an exhibition like this, so don’t disappoint them.

Creating a competitive trade show booth can be overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. To guide you in the right direction consider hiring the professional services of Evo Exhibits. They have handled the trade show visits of countless companies across many different industries. Your trade show booth will be safe in their hands with the best shot at outperforming the competition.

Event program and details

The American Podiatric Medical Association exhibition will be in Washington, DC, at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center during July 12-15th. The program includes educational topics, workshops, invited faculty and much more.

A number of lectures will be held to educate the audience on issues such as skin infestations, diagnosis, treatment options and biomechanics. A lunch will be held for young physicians where they can network and get established in their field of work.


Opting to be one of the trade shows exhibits for APMA has a lot of upsides for companies operating in the podiatric space. Come prepared with an impressive trade show booth and you’ll gain the respect of your potential clients, in the process securing a healthy amount of orders. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the networking opportunities to forge new business relationships that will prove to be fruitful for many years to come.

Creating a competitive trade show booth is required to be successful at an exhibition and Evo Exhibits can help. Their professionals understand how to build a booth to target the right audience to increase the conversion rate. They can also help with less glamorous tasks like shipping logistics, which gives you more freedom to focus on the more interesting aspects of the trade show experience.

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