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Are you operating in the woodworking industry and have cutting edge products to showcase? Consider attending as one of the trade show exhibits for AWFS. As an exhibitor, you’ll be a part of the largest gathering of woodworking equipment and technology in North America. The AWFS fair promises to be “an experience you can’t afford to miss”, with opportunities to connect with other woodworking professionals and aficionados.

Play your cards right and you’ll potentially sell a huge volume of products that can elevate your business. For some companies, the connections and profits generated from this event is essential to their business. Exhibiting at AWFS is a valuable opportunity to expand your business.

To increase your chances of success at the AWFS event, you need to come prepared with the right marketing approach and a trade show booth that stands out. Evo Exhibits can help with all aspects of the trade show process, from concept to execution and more.

What Trade Show Exhibits for AWFS Can Expect:

About The Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers

Founded in 1911, this non-profit organization is the biggest of its kind for commercial and home furnishings, with more than 400 members that are manufacturers/distributors of tooling, lumber, software, hardware, machinery and components.

AWFS’ mission is to bring together woodworking professionals of all types under one roof, including manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and retailers. To help propel the industry forward, a number of informational sessions are available at the fair to learn about noteworthy trends and the future of woodworking.

AWFS is not just about business, but a chance for attendees and exhibitors to enjoy themselves – after all, the venue is in Las Vegas. The schedule is rich with activities to suit a variety of interests.

Who will attend?

Woodworking professionals come from all over the world to experience AWFS. A range of buyers from every market segment and operation size attend the event, looking to network and buy products to build their businesses.

The attendees will be looking for products in the following areas:

  • Closet & Home Storage
  • Residential and Commercial Cabinets
  • Residential Furniture
  • Custom Wood Products and Accessories
  • Business/Institutional Furniture
  • Windows and Doors
  • Architectural Millwork
  • Veneers/Plywood/Composite Panels
  • Store Fixtures
  • Stock Millwork: Picture Frames, Moldings
  • Design/Architecture
  • Component Manufacturing
  • Other Building Components, Wood/Metal/Plastic
  • Papers/Plastics/Vinyl/Laminates/Laminated Panels
  • Upholstered Products
  • Flooring/Dimensional Lumber
  • Plastics Fabricators and Distributors
  • Software/Educational Materials
  • Exhibit Display Builders
  • Solid Surface Fabricators
  • Designers and Architects
  • Hobbyists

Who should exhibit?

As an exhibitor, you can take part in the action! Experience live demonstrations, technical seminars, and the ongoing buzz of activity centered around the woodworking industry.

The AWFS fair allows you to meet potential customers face to face, a great way to form strong, new business relationships. Come prepared with a stunning trade show exhibit and you’ll make a memorable first impression. Interact with competitors and form strategic partnerships with the multitude of other areas of trade at the exhibition.

Companies that tend to have the most success at trade shows have something unique and cutting edge to offer. That being said, consider setting up a package that attendees have never seen before. You’re competing with a large number of exhibitors, which means setting yourself apart with innovative, quality products is a must.

Trade show booth strategy

To increase your chances of success, pay attention to the execution of your trade show booth. Experienced trade show exhibitors will have a comprehensive setup to draw in the crowds, which means you’ll stand no chance with a bland-looking booth. Here are some ideas to keep in mind when designing your trade show exhibit:

  • Interactivity: If possible, let attendees try out your merchandise. After all, they are making the effort to visit a trade show to inspect products before buying. An approachable trade show booth will keep attendees around your booth for longer, increasing the likelihood of making a sale.
  • Demonstration: Potential customers like to see how new products operate before buying. If applicable, demonstrate your products in action to highlight their benefits.
  • Branding: To help differentiate your company from the other exhibitors, focus on branding and marketing your trade show booth. At minimum, include your company logo and name clearly on your exhibit. For an added branding boost, have your logo animated and bring technology to ensure it can be included in the setup. Branding can help leave a last impression that will go well beyond the exhibition. Attendees will remember your booth and look for you online to see more of your products or buy at a later date.

Implementing the trade show booth ideas above can be an overwhelming undertaking for business owners. To guide you through the process, consider investing in the services of Evo Exhibits. They have the expertise to make the right choices to create a professional, eye-catching trade show exhibit.

Event program and details

AFWS will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Las Vegas Convention Center from July 17-20th, 2019. There’s something for everyone at AFWS. Here are some of the featured events you can expect:

Keynote by John Ratzenberger: This much-anticipated event brings TV and film legend John Ratzenberger to the stage as he gives his insight and extensive knowledge on the subject of woodworking.

The AWFS Fair Stage: At the Fair Stage, a number of awards, celebrity interviews, and podcasts will take place.

Maker Lounge: A hub to network and mingle with other woodworking enthusiasts throughout the event.

Make & Take: This is an interactive mini-build event where you can have fun and show-off your woodworking skills. It allows for some friendly competition with other enthusiasts at the event.


Trade show exhibits for AWFS can enjoy a myriad of benefits that are just too good to pass by. The huge crowd of woodworking professionals means you can network to forge strategic business partners and generate sales from decision makers. You can also increase brand awareness to elevate the status of your company within the woodworking marketplace.

To increase your chances of success at AWFS, consider hiring Evo Exhibits. With their expertise, they can help you establish a professional, cutting-edge trade show exhibit to help you meet your goals at AWFS.

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