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What Trade Show Exhibits for Outdoor Retailer Can Expect

Do you have products to sell in the outdoors industry? Are are looking for a crowd of hungry buyers? Then you’ll be right at home at the Outdoor Retailer exhibition! Trade show exhibits for Outdoor Retailer can generate a lot of sales, but you’ll need a well-designed trade show booth to draw in customers and make your presence known. Fortunately for you, Evo Exhibits has the expertise to help make your trade show experience a success!

About Outdoor Retailer

The Outdoor Retailer exhibition gathers a comprehensive array of exhibitors under one roof to showcase their products. There are 3 shows per year: the summer show, the winter show, and the snow show.

The categories that will be represented at Outdoor Retailer include:

  • Adventure Travel
  • Backpacking
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Climbing
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Snowsports
  • Mountaineering
  • Mountain Biking
  • Fishing/Fly Fishing
  • Health and Fitness
  • Nutrition and Natural Products
  • Paddlesports/Watersports/SUP
  • Pet Products
  • Running/Trail Running/Triathlon
  • Surf
  • Skate
  • Lifestyle
  • Multisport Endurance
  • Yoga/Pilates

Who will attend?

At Outdoor Retailer, you’ll find plenty of outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for new clothing and equipment to help them pursue their passion. These customers will be eager to see the latest industry leading technology, which means you’ll need to bring the best you have to offer.

You’ll also find corporate decision makers that are ready and able to place huge orders. Mingle with the attendees to figure out who you can target with your sales pitch.

Attendees will be knowledgeable about the industry and will want to interact with your merchandise, which means you’ll need to set your trade show booth up to be approachable and hands-on.

Who should exhibit?

Your company should exhibit if you sell products in any of the categories outlined above. This show is a great opportunity to attract new loyal customers.

The array of educational topics also allows exhibitors to find out more about the industry. You can also learn what your competition is offering, which can help you understand market trends and determine how your company should be positioned in the coming years.

Are you interested in acquiring new business partners? Then the Outdoor Retailer trade show is the place to be. You’ll be able to network with businesses that can complement your product selection and increase the quality of the service for your customers. Mutually beneficial business partnerships can be priceless, and it’s another reason to attend the exhibition.

Trade show booth strategy

Your trade show booth plays a big role in determining your traction at the event. It needs to stand out and entice people walking by to come in for a closer look. It’s easier to convert the crowd at Outdoor Retailer when your booth can highlight the positive aspects of your products. Here are some ideas to implement for you next trade show booth:

  • Flagship products: It’s a good idea to create your trade show booth around flagship products that draw in the crowd. Once you have their attention, other products can be presented based on the buyer’s needs.
  • Branding: The trade show booth should leave a lasting impact, and branding can help achieve that. Consider the sight lines to your booth and how to best express your brand messaging. Raising brand awareness at the exhibition will increase the chances for incremental sales after the show is closed.
  • Give something away: People love free stuff, so come up with an item that’s low cost and complements your product range that you can afford to give away.
  • Be playful: Most attendees want to have a good time at an exhibition, so add an element of playfulness to your booth. You can setup a game or competition — anything to help people relax and have a good time.

Evo Exhibits has the expertise to setup your trade show booth for maximum success.

Event program and details

Outdoor Retailer will be held in Denver, Colorado at the Colorado Convention Center, July 23-26th. The event will be packed with a lot do every day. Here is a roundup of the education schedule:

The Camp: This is an educational show that will cover the following topics:

  • The changing retail business landscape
  • Women in the outdoors
  • Creative merchandising
  • Building local community and engagement
  • Amazon and outdoor specialty retail

Trend + Design Center presented by HeiQ: This event is primarily aimed at designers that want to focus on new design trends and customer behavior in the coming years. This educational opportunity is also beneficial for companies that want an accurate forecast of the industry from insiders.

RANGER Station: This educational hotspot will explore trends in the industry. It will be available every day the exhibition is running, so you can expect a good dose of conversations that spark interesting debates.


Choosing to be one of the trade show exhibits for Outdoor Retailer will help your company grow. With excellent networking opportunities, you can forge alliances with other businesses and grow the quality of the products you’re able to offer.

Evo Exhibits can help you figure out a strategy for your trade show booth that that lets you make the most of your experience.




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