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APCO International Conference & Expo – Assn of Public Safety Communication Officials

Do you have products or services for the public safety communications industry? Then you’ll benefit from APCO 2018 as you’ll encounter a highly targeted crowd of buyers that are interested in what you’re offering. Play your cards right, and you can really expand the horizons for your business.

You can also do a bit of friendly competitive analysis to see what products or services you might consider providing in the future. Furthermore, market research can be conducted by asking customers to give feedback on your products. Use that feedback to make improvements to your offerings.

Success at APCO 2018 will hinge on the quality of your trade show booth. Evo Exhibits can help you come up with a strategy that has proven to generate results at an exhibition. They are a full service trade show house that can handle everything from structural design, to graphics, to setting up and dismantling the trade show booth, as well as all of the logistics for your exhibit.

About APCO 2018

APCO 2018 is the event to be for public safety communications professionals that want to improve the quality of their operations. They can learn about new technologies, network with similarly focused individuals and see what exhibitors have to offer.

It’s estimated that 5,600+ attendees will be coming and will include professionals from all facets of the public safety communications industry. It’s a 4-day event that will combine a mix of business, fun and education to create a memorable exhibition.

Who will attend?

The show will be attended by a mix of law enforcement, PSAP’s, government agencies, emergency medical services providers, commercial vendors, and the fire service providers. Attendees will be interested to see what’s new in the industry and how they can improve the quality of their services.

The comprehensive array of exhibitors means attendees will have their attention drawn in different directions. Therefore, you need to accurately convey your offerings in a short period of time. Focus on how they can benefit from what you have to offer, in order to increase conversion rates.

Who should exhibit?

Companies should exhibit at APCO if they have products or services to offer to the professionals mentioned above. It’s important to give the right first impression to customers you acquire at the exhibition. They will test you on the first order and if you’re able to demonstrate reliability, then you’ll win over their trust.

Exhibiting at APCO 2018 gives you a chance to network with other exhibitors and potentially strike up new partnerships. These can be mutually beneficial and help increase the quality of the products you’re able to offer.

Exhibitors should also come to increase brand awareness for their company. You’ll be face-to-face with your target audience, which means you have a chance to make a good first impression. Also, take the time to see what educational opportunities are available to improve your understanding for new technologies and future trends. Spotting these ahead of time can help you be the next big brand within your industry.

Trade Show Exhibits for APCO 2018

Creating a trade show booth will be one of the biggest challenges of the event, but get it right and it can yield worthwhile results. There are a number of things that must be considered to create an effective trade show booth. Here are a few of them that can tilt the odds of success in your favor:

  • Eye-catching: If you’ve gone to a show before, take a good look at your trade show booth. If it looks bland to you, imagine what it looks like to a stranger. It might be time for a re-design. The overall effect should create a “wow” factor from the aisle so that attendees want to come closer for a better look. Make use of technology and bold yet simple graphics to draw attention to your booth.
  • Branding: In business, never miss an opportunity to create brand awareness. The trade show floor is a great place to get that job done. You can educate and increase awareness with your potential customer base, in a controlled environment. For newcomers to a market, these type of exhibitions can be a perfect opportunity to get your foot in a lot of different doors in a short amount of time.
  • Informative: The trade show booth must be informative so that products are clearly explained in the shortest amount of time possible. This ensures you’re able to convert a larger segment of the audience. Come with a well-rehearsed pitch and use technology to increase the speed and impact of information delivery.
  • Market research: You can get face-to-face with your customer base. Take advantage of this to ask a few questions about your products. Customers can provide insights and feedback that can be used to improve the quality of future products.

The process of implementing the tips above can be harder than it seems. With Evo Exhibits on your side, you can make light work of it. They have the expertise to setup your trade show booth for success. Their experience, ingenuity and attention to detail is worth the price of investment, as the returns can potentially be huge.

Event program and details

APCO 2018 will take place August 5-8th in Las Vegas. There will be a variety of events going on including:

Motivational speakers: A number of motivational speakers will be giving presentations, which includes a Medal of Honor recipient. These sessions are great for getting energized to meet the challenges of the exhibition and the daily running of your company.

Social Events & Entertainment: There will be two exciting social events that allow the attendees and exhibitors to mingle. Perhaps when everyone is in a relaxed mood you can get access to the best networking opportunities.

Learning tacks: There will be 9 learning tacks that will help you find out more about the industry. An area of focus will be cyber security. As technology is advancing, new security threats are rising in parallel.


Opting to be one of the trade show exhibits for APCO 2018 can give you a number of advantages that are just too good to miss out on. You can network to forge new business relationships, gain opportunities to sell a large volume of products, and increase brand awareness.

You can also take advantage of the educational sessions to increase your understanding of current market trends. They may help you plot a course for your company moving forward to provide new products for your customer base.

To ensure success at the exhibition, consider hiring Evo Exhibits. They have many years of experience setting up effective trade show booths. With their services on your side you’ll have the opportunity to generate more sales and raise brand awareness like never before.




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