Customized to Your Taste

Tribest 20x50 at IHA 2016

Rarely do we look up from the daily grind of our industry-specific work to look around and investigate what’s working for other markets. As a busy marketing professional, I am generally so focused on isolating the audience demographics or finding eye-catching devices that I’ve missed the unifying role that food plays in bringing people together.

Food and drinks have the power to inspire people to try new experiences. From a shared cup of coffee to culinary masterpieces that an executive chef took years to perfect; it slows down the experience so that you can savor the taste and truly enjoy the moment. It also stirs the individual to imagine where, when, and with whom do I want to share this.

When designing an environment, staging should stimulate the same iconic reaction. The Evo team starts the exhibit discovery process by focusing on those taste components.

  1. What’s unique to your Brand? Market? The Event?
  2. How many functions do you need the space to serve?
  3. What reactions and feelings do you want the audience to experience?
  4. What associations do you want the audience to form?
  5. Some people eat with their eyes and others start salivating when the smell reaches their nose. A third type doesn’t respond until the delectable morsel reaches their lips. Which type are you looking to reach?

So after the next event, ask yourself which experiences are popping into the forefront of your memory?  Share those insights with your exhibit planning team. The result will be a more customized branding that is suited to your event program, the venue and your taste.