Don’t be stuck with a half-baked Turkey… Plan ahead for the hustle and bustle.

Rental Turkey CostumeWhen it’s your turn to host and more than a dozen relatives are due for the big feast, you don’t start thawing the turkey that morning.  You spend countless hours preparing the menu, cleaning the house, making accommodations for out-of-town guests and running errands to make the occasion special.

So when planning an inviting atmosphere for your trade show booth, it’s no different. Making a meaningful impact on the show attendee matters because:
a. 67 percent of trade show attendees represent a new client or potential customer for the exhibitors. 1
b. 81 percent of trade show attendees have buying authority, making them prime targets as new leads. 1
c. On average, trade show attendees spend 9.1 hours viewing exhibits. 2

SOURCES: 16 Powerful Stats on the Value of Trade Shows Facts on Trade Show Marketing in the United States

Just as you agonize over seating and plan entertainment customized to the likes of your guests, Evo Exhibits recommends that your trade show goals be tailored in the same way. Here are a few tips to help you beat out frazzled nerves and fizzled enthusiasm:

  1. Pre-show marketing - Send out invites. Tease them with a divine menu. Hang out the supersize ‘WELCOME’ banner to let them know they’ve arrived in the right spot.
  2. Create In-booth hospitality - The aroma of a freshly brewed pot of coffee or the taste of a soothing cup of cocoa sits well on the taste buds and transforms the experience into a nostalgic feeling. Whether visitors chat, read or test out products, it becomes a leisurely activity shared amongst friends.
  3. Plan booth visitor engagement - While one host is dazzling guests with the latest technology innovation, another host is pouring a beverage or fielding questions for potential investors. A contingency third host might be unpacking the finer points of a business partnership in a private conference area.
  4. Set the mood -  Select music appropriate to your business such as high energy rock-n-roll for the Surf Show and cool jazz for the Fancy Food Show. Create an interactive video game preview that engages via Smart Phones while providing the gamer a sneak peek at the awesome virtual environment.
  5. Hire a Character or Mascot - The giant turkey outside your home might attract many odd looks, but at the International Poultry Show, it can direct event traffic to even the most obscure booth location. Cast members of Andrew Lloyd Webber ‘Cats’ production could preen and rave about the rejuvenation powers of the Pet Salon at the Pet Expo.
  6. Refresh & Reset: Just as every host or hostess cleans up after guests leave, exhibitors need to refresh the booth. Replace the wilted flower bouquet, clean up the coffee rings, and re-organize the brochures left in a jumbled pile. This polished attention-to-detail tells newly arrived attendees that you care about their impression just as much as the last individual.

Are you preparing to exhibit at an upcoming show, and in need of more planning insights? Contact Evo Exhibits to customize your exhibit solutions, today.