Eight Ways to Increase Engagement at Trade Shows

Your trade show booth is the marquee of your company on the show floor for all to see. The perception of your brand and its value relies on delivering a clear concise message. Too often companies hurt their image at the event by hiding their brand value on a wall of too much information.

Take this simple four-question survey to determine whether your display booth is in need of attention.

  • Is your booth message targeting the values specific to your audience?
  • Does your product or service clearly state its unique benefits to attendees?
  • Does the brand message remain clear and consistent across other marketing mediums; social media, e-campaigns, video, website, and landing pages?
  • Can your messaging be understood with a 5-second glimpse of the space?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all four questions, you are probably asking yourself: “How can I engage those show attendees better?”


Target the biggest concentration of potential clients and show them your competitive advantage.


Treat leads as assets that will grow in value.

Link your brand strategy to the client’s identity.


Make the impossible; POSSIBLE.


Fit your exhibit to show culture. Understand how people see you at your best so you don’t try to be all things to all people.


Educate attendees in small increments.


Scale the solution to client’s needs.


Understand their motivations inside & out.


There are many great displays on the market that attract attention but none are an effective brand marquee if you don’t incorporate effective communication methods.