The Benefits of Working with Smaller Companies vs Larger Companies

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Having worked for both a large international trade show company and smaller local trade show companies during my career, I can say without a doubt that smaller is the way to go.

When you work with a large company it’s easy to get lost and forgotten. In many cases, one coordinator is charged with handling hundreds of customers per show and often they have multiple shows on their plate at any given time. With those numbers, it’s no surprise that it can take a week or more to have questions answered or orders confirmed.

Working with a smaller company allows you to have more direct contact with your coordinator, which results in fewer phone calls and emails.  More personalized service also results in fewer mistakes and fewer missed details.

In the end, working with a smaller company will save you time, money and will you will have suffered less headaches than you would have with a larger company.

Zach Frjelich - show coordinator / evo exhibits