Deck-16 Round Double Decks

  • Deck-16 Round
  • Deck-16 Round
  • Deck-16 Round

Features and Benefits

Smart Deck - 16 Round

  • Cost effective lowering labor and freight
  • Lightweight construction - no forklift, rigger or crane required
  • Full modular
  • Customized
  • 60% Fewer parts than a traditional deck
  • Wall system compatibility
  • Post construction wiring 



  • 6,010lbs.
  • (1) Beam cart
  • (1) Stair case pallet
  • (1) Hand rail pallet
  • (1) Decking pallet
  • (1) Hardware case                                                                   
Design ID: Deck-16 Round
Ships In: Crate(s)
Weight: 0.00 lbs

Double Decks - Smart Deck

Our decks are designed specifically for trade shows by our engineers to lower labor and freights costs with lighter components and less parts.  Our smart deck systems are fully modular and are compatible with walls systems and accessories, and can be customized.   

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