• Element-3024

Key Features:

  • Sustainable 10x20 Green Display
    •  (7)Paradise Tension Fabric Graphics (100% Recycled Content)
    • (1) Recycled Content Tension Fabric Circle
    • (2) Recycled Content Tension Fabric Canopy
    • (2) Eco-Board 2-Piece Headers
    • (4) LED Energy Efficient Lights
    • (6) FSC Laminate Adjustable Shelves
    • (4) Storage Areas w/ FSC Laminate Infill 
    • (1) FSC LG Certified Crate
      • EXCLUDES:
      • (3) Custom Front Podiums
      • 10x30 to 10x20 Conversion





                                                                                                                              See Element 10x20 Photo Gallery

Design ID: Element-3024
Ships In: 1 Crate
Weight: 1,200.00 lbs

Sustainable Green Display System

The eSmart Inline Displays are design-driven, reconfigurable, and user-friendly. Using the most sustainable materials on the market, these displays prove that you don't need to look green to be green, and you don't need to spend more either. You'll always get the best of both with an eSmart.

$36,500 - $40,150

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Element is our line of Sustainable Green Displays constructed of enviornmentally responsible materials without sacrificing quality or price.